2016 By The Numbers

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2016 By The Numbers2016 was a big year at Megatrax. We thought we’d give you a quick, by-the-numbers look at how our offerings expanded:

  • New Catalogs Launched for the US in 2016: 2 – Track Distillery and No Sheet Music
  • New Catalogs Launched for our Latin American and Brazilian clients in 2016: 1 – Pitch Hammer
  • New Services: 2 – Radio Imaging and MX Custom, providing a broad spectrum of unique solutions for our radio clients and on-demand original music for all of our clients.
  • New Tracks Added in 2016 (US): 11,894
  • Total Catalogs offered for the US as of December 2016 (US): 16
  • Total Tracks offered as of December 2016 (US): 114,876
  • Total new albums released in 2016 (US): 118
  • Albums recorded at Abbey Road: 3 – The “London Orchestral Series,” MX342 Family Adventure, MX343 Orchestral Inspiration and MX344 Gothic Fantasy

Here’s to an amazing 2017!

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