2017 Inspiration from Nashville

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2017 INSPIRATION FROM NASHVILLEThe holiday television ad season bombards viewers with warm, fuzzy and inspirational :30 vignettes designed to create an emotional connection between their product or company and the viewer. And many work. On me!

Granted, inspiration can be found any/every day depending on your perspective and mood. Many of my observations of inspiration come from my stage seat watching live musical performances at the Grand Ole Opry. To witness an artist front and center stage connecting with an audience can be magical. Sometimes, the performance can be beautifully flawed, but that is forgiven (if not endearing) depending on the artist’s relationship they build with the crowd.

Building an emotional connection with an audience, customer, spouse, pet, etc. is a remarkable gift we all have, in my humble opinion. In my role as creative director for Aircast Custom Music, I’ve found that’s the pinnacle of a project’s success story. That’s the goal every time. Admittedly, due to many factors, it happens in varying degrees.

There’s nothing more inspiring in this business than to know a creative effort connects with a viewer or listener on a gut level. Sometimes all it takes is 30 seconds.

– Randy Hart, CSD for Aircast Custom Music

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