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Zest, the catalog produced by our friends across the pond at Deep East Music, is bringing SIX peppy new releases to Megatrax this month. Known as “The Brightest Music On Earth,” Zest consistently offers positive, catchy, upbeat tracks representing a variety of styles and genres. Here’s a quick roundup of the newest members of the Zest family, straight from the horses’ mouths:


zest heebie jeebiesZEST020: The Heebie Jeebies

Be wow’d but be weirded.

It wasn’t even close to Halloween, but into our Soho studios we stealthily smuggled violinists, cellists, a pianist, tuba & brass players.

Surrounded by pumpkins & cobwebs they kindly agreed to don witches’ robes & horror outfits whilst recording these rollicking & oft-romping ensemble quirky-horror pieces. 
Resplendently eerie & ready for adventure is The Heebie Jeebies! Spine-tingling magical fantasies, curious mysteries, cavorting capers & deadly discoveries. Please do be careful!


zest 8 bit nerd funZEST021 8-Bit Nerd Fun

Cool Kids Code. It’s What They Do.

Remember how crazy-addictive classic arcade games used to be? Afterburner! Shinobi! Out Run! & Yeah of course Pac-man…. well here’s the musical version. Simple tunes that climb inside your psyche & play platform games. Hyper-hooky, furtively fun & so rewind-retro that they actually come out the other side feeling actually kinda futuristic!

We tested track 1 on our kids & it had the same effect as super-size Coke served with Jelly Babies – they loved it; bounced twisted & smiled to it. They heard the irreverent unadulterated joyous aims that it has. And of course it’s expertly crafted & up-up-upbeat.

Poppy, fizzy, funky, filtered & actually still pretty cool. Dads who dig this too are the Dads who just get it!


zest rom commingZEST022 Rom-Comming

“Will-They-Won’t-They” Guitar Pop Aphrodisiacs (hopefully!)

For when you utterly, absolutely, positively, cannot-not fail in your mission to win the heart of that girl.

So it’s summer, on a beach, in California. Convertibles whizz by, you’re feeling good, shades on, hair looking slick’d. Friends say your board shorts are a bit tight, but you know they’re wrong. This is the day you’re gonna go say Hi.

STOP. Please, before you do, listen to this generous & sweet aural guide to Hollywood love. These swirling pop rock bangers with heart-wrenching emoti-vocals, quirky acoustic tearjerkers & vibin’ guitar janglers ALL end up with you getting the girl… or not, but still coming out the other end smiling.

So tune in & find your angle; you’re gonna need to be a geek-turned-god, an underdog with a winning lottery ticket or just a heart-broken guy looking for a surfy soulmate.
Best of luck.


zest bubble bedsZEST023 Bubble Beds

Put it brightly. Say it simply.

Simplicity is an artform in itself. Modern media & television often require music that provides beautiful buoyancy to their films, ideas, plots & voices. A track with too much melody, a pacy drive beyond its station, self-importance & over-composition can add up to a good piece of music – but usable?

Bubble beds are bright & intriguing rhythms & melodics with self-restraint.
Dynamic but not overbearing, they are crafted to either provide lynchpin support of a film or sit very much below & in the background as an augmenting element.

Their true beauty is that they can also indeed be easily faded & edited between these two techniques to give a consistent mood that allows space for other elements. Warm, bright & subtly infectious. Never too much nor too little. Enjoy!


zest cool capersZEST024 Cool Capers

The all-live super-slick funky beat-down bad-boy soundtrack to your next Heist.

An all-live onslaught of modern retro!

Fat, fanfaring brass, funk-thumping drums, slick-licking guitars, rough bass & cool keys. Casual & cutting all at once. A Vegas sheen shimmers from it all, but there’s crisp classic 60s pop gems here as well (Check “Why Yes No Way”), hyper-cool excitable funk-brass themes (“The Nevada Brass Project”) & even some Las Vegas filtered dance-floor-funk-&-breaks (“Vegas Reprogrammed”)

Only bet what you can afford dudes.

All in all some of the best, loudest & brass-raspiest studio session memories ever.


zest happy go pianoZEST025 Happy-Go-Piano

Everybody can be an Every Buddy

A fuzzy & warm, yet dynamic & bombastic musical get-together.

Led by simple piano hooks, emotive chord progressions or light quirky rhythmic playing – you get that familiar dynamic room-filling sound.

But then it swirls & expands further – BEAUtiful live brass, acoustics, woodwinds, bass, shakers, handclaps & loads more mean you get a real full sound that’s wholesome, emotional, energizing, poppy, folksy & may even cause you to give your ma & pa a call to just say Hi. But it’s not cheesy – it’s just bright & content human-being music!

All six new releases from Zest are available at Megatrax.com now!

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