a look back at megatrax’s first 20 years

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CEO & Founder Ron Mendelsohn
CEO & Founder Ron Mendelsohn

Megatrax was born in 1991 when USC pals J.C. Dwyer and Ron Mendelsohn recognized a need amongst LA-based television stations for promo music and teamed up to compose tracks designed specifically for that. At the time, promo music was virtually unexplored by music library companies. Dwyer and Mendelsohn’s first CD, The Promo Collection, was an instant success that brought the composers widespread recognition at the major networks and firmly positioned them as leaders in this newly discovered niche.

A true entrepreneurial “start-up,” the business initially consisted of the two composers operating out of their home studios, writing and producing promo music while personally making sales calls and handling administrative duties. (Dwyer’s wife, Paula, handled all of the company’s artwork and graphic design needs.) The Megatrax catalog grew steadily, and by 1994 the library had reached 10 discs, an important milestone. Each of these original discs was a resounding success; the high impact, custom-sounding promo music produced by the partners was unlike anything else available on the market at that time.

COO & Founder JC Dwyer


In 1995, Megatrax moved to its present location at the former KingSound Studios in North Hollywood. This state-of-the-art recording facility proved to be a competitive advantage for the growing company, as live bands and ensembles could be easily recorded. The partners began leveraging their Hollywood contacts to hire established composers, arrangers and top LA studio musicians. As a result of these efforts, the company gained a reputation as not only a great promo library, but as a provider of truly commercial-quality live music.

During this time, in addition to producing library music, the partners also secured custom scoring contracts with NBC and other networks. Megatrax soon garnered many high-profile custom scoring credits, most notably including the ubiquitous “Must-See TV” campaign on NBC (1995-1997). Over the subsequent years, custom scoring projects branched out to include TV themes, feature films, commercials, news packages and radio ID packages.

Another watershed event occurred in 2001, when Megatrax recorded a 5-CD set of orchestral music with the London Philharmonia and choir (Movie Showcase 4-8). The level of quality and musicianship of this product truly set a new standard for the industry; up until that time, it was virtually inconceivable for an independent library to embark on such a bold, large-scale project. However the gamble paid off; these “evergreen” discs have been among the most profitable and acclaimed in the catalog, further enhancing Megatrax’s reputation as a provider of top quality music.

In 2003, Megatrax began offering barter deals to the radio market and quickly grew to become a leading provider in that market. Megatrax has recently began offering barter to television clients as well, another first for the industry.

Recognizing the need to offer clients a diverse mix of products, Megatrax launched an authentic Latin label, Sensación, in 2004 and an underscore-oriented collection called “The Scene” in 2005. (Megatrax has seen remarkable growth in its Latin markets, becoming one of the first libraries to offer a trilingual sales team and website.) More recently, in response from increased client demand for indie songs and artists, Megatrax launched the Marquee Music label. Megatrax has further expanded its catalog offerings by bringing on several select third-party catalogs for exclusive representation, including Beat Bites, Intervox, LA Riot and Tonal Injection. In 2008, in a major play to bolster its custom scoring capability, Megatrax acquired Aircast Production in Nashville.

Megatrax Studio A
Photo by Brienne Michelle

Few businesses have made the transition from entrepreneurial start-up to a diversified, well-run company with solid management and infrastructure. Megatrax is one of the rare success stories in this regard due to our ability to change, adapt, innovate and constantly reinvent ourselves. Megatrax truly is “The Sound of Entertainment™”!

  1. Marc Levin

    Congratulations to Ron and JC and the entire Megatrax team. A most impressive 20 years. Amazing what can happen when you’re client-focused and deliver a quality product matched with superior service. I wish you 20 more years of music and innovation.

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