an inside peek at production with music supervisor belinda robles

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BelindaThis month we’re taking a look at the latest in Megatrax’s production department through the eyes of Music Supervisor Belinda Robles…

Megatrax: How did you get started in music?

Belinda Robles: I grew up in a musical family. My mother made sure I had piano lessons by age 5. From there, I continued to play accordion, woodwinds and saxophone in elementary school, all the way through high school. I was also the JROTC Drum Major for my high school. From high school, I attended San Jose State as a music major for two years until I transferred to Berklee College of Music and graduated with my Bachelors in Music.

MX: What are some of your musical influences?

BR: My uncle, who played drums, had exquisite taste in music. I would hear the pianoBeatles, Marvin Gaye, Benny Goodman growing up.  I would also hear Celia Cruz from my grandfather. My grandmother played piano in her church so we would sing and play church hymns as well. This music really shaped my childhood. In college I still had my love for R&B, but I remember the day I first heard John Coltrane’s Alabama. It changed my life.

MX: What do you like best about Music Supervision?

BR: Getting the client what they want musically. Hearing our music getting placed on a project that I helped place is awesome.

MX: What are the most interesting search requests you’ve had?

BR: One is too bizarre to print. It’s a secret. I love how people describe music visually; I need something blue and sparkly, but upbeat.

MX: Spotted any new musical trends?

BR: We’ve been in this trend for a while but I don’t see it going away – real songs with lyrics are getting used more for commercials and television rather then just score or source music. Music is also going global. Clients want music not from one nation, but a mix of nations.

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