an interview with beat bites’ j. scott g

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j scott gJ Scott G, a platinum record-holding producer and DJ, has brought his golden touch to remixing Madonna’s work, contributing to the sound of the Twilight saga, and to the Beat Bites catalog. He took some time to catch up with us recently, sharing a bit about his background in music, the work he’s done for Beat Bites, and what he has coming up.

Megatrax: Tell us about your background in the music industry. How did you get started, and what are some of your more noteworthy accomplishments?

J Scott G: I’ve been making music professionally for about the last 15 years. I used to be in a band (production duo) called Deepsky up until 2006. We wrote original music and toured around the world as a live electronic act. We also got do several remixes for some big named artists like Madonna, David Bowie, Seal, The Crystal Method, Paul Oakenfold plus many others.  Since I left that band I’ve been producing and remixing under J. Scott G. as well as working on my new project called Summer Channel.

MX: Where are you based, and how does location influence your work?

JSG: I was in California (LA) for a long time… but I moved to Austin , Texas a couple of years ago. I love it here, but I’m actually about to move back to San Francisco in a month. I think my music has become more organic since I came here. I’ve become less concerned with things having to be precise and have started to focus on how it feels instead. Obviously that depends on what style I’m writing. When I make dance floor stuff it tends to be more precise but when I’m writing downtempo or anything with live instruments and vocals I tend to lighten up on precision.

MX: Tell us about the work you’ve done with Beat Bites. How did you hook up with Christian Salyer? How has working on production music differed from other work you’ve done? What are some tracks you’re especially proud of?
JSG: I met Christian at the tail end of living in LA. He told me that he needed electronic music for his catalog… and the rest is history. I think I’ve written over 300 songs for him now!  I like being able to do the music catalog stuff cause it gives me a chance to explore new sounds, try different styles… and is also great practice. I’ve had a bunch of songs on Club Crazy Cream (BB008), Electro Party Pops (BB016) and Bangin Breakbeat Blast (BB004).

MX: You’ve got an EP with American Idol Adam Lambert charting right now. Tell us about how you adam lambertconnected with Adam and what went into this project.
JSG: Adam found me on Myspace a few months before he got on Idol. He told me he loved my music and wanted to collaborate, so we did. A few months later he called me to tell me he had made it into the auditions… and, well, we all know what happened after that. He later asked me if I could wait until his first album came out before I released the song and so I did.  We just put the song out a week or so ago and it shot to #2 on the iTunes electronic chart.  Amazing.  🙂

MX: What’s next for you? Any more releases with beat Bites on the horizon?
JSG: I’m mostly concentrating on my album for Summer Channel (because it’s taken me *way* too long to finish it).  But I’ve got a a bunch of other tracks coming out on Club Crazy Cream 2, Bubble Dubblestep and Dubalicious Downtemp Drops in the near future.

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