YOU ASKED FOR IT! Executive Producer Ron Mendelsohn Sounds Off on Megatrax’s Latest Client Request Album

megatrax YAFI You Asked For ItThe sixth installment in our You Asked For It! (YAFI) series just dropped on Featuring eclectic client requests ranging from TV sitcom styles to patriotic anthems, well known tunes, Russian marches, links, stingers and more, this album is inspired entirely by client requests. Here’s what Megatrax’s Executive Producer, Ron Mendelsohn, had to say about it.


Megatrax Blog: For those who aren’t familiar with it, what is the YAFI series?

Ron Mendelsohn: This is our client request series. The entire series consists of special requests from clients that have come in over the year. We generally do a new installment of YAFI every year or so.


MB: Does producing a YAFI album differ from producing a regular release?

RM: Absolutely. Usually we hire 2-3 composers per album and the album is completed within a couple of months. In the case of YAFI, we accumulate tracks during the year based on client requests and compile all the finished tracks onto a new YAFI release.


MB: What are some of the highlights of this volume?

RM: There is an amazing variety of tracks and styles on this album, ranging from kids singing patriotic American anthems to Russian army marches to 8-bit videogame arcade sounds.


There are also several live band recordings of well known Americana songs such as “Give My Regards To Broadway” and “My Wild Irish Rose” and an original funk/soul tune about “Big Money.”


There are also a bunch of useful scene-setters, plus stingers, links and fx.


MB: If someone had a request for something custom like this, would you make it on request, or would the request go into a queue for the next YAFI?

RM: For members of our Curator’s Club, we will compose a new track immediately on demand and then add it to the queue for the next YAFI. But the client will get the track immediately.


MB: For the folks who love this release, what are some others you’d recommend?

RM: The YAFI series is quite unique in our library, so I would suggest checking out the other 5 albums in this series.


MB: Ron, what other releases in this cycle did you produce personally?

RM: In the Megatrax library, “FunTown Rock” and “Cool Commercials 6.” In the Sensacion library, “Regional Mexican 1 & 2,” working with composer Byron Brizuela.


All of the releases mentioned are available on now, and if you have a special request, please contact us today at!

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