Beat Bites Brings More Bounce to Megatrax

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Beat Bites’ most recent releases will have your mouth watering for more! The latest three additions to the Megatrax library, Tasty Twerking Twists (BB048), Brazilian Berry Swirls (BB049) and Sugar-Free Beats 9 (BB050) focus on fast beats and funky attitudes.


 bb048BB048 Tasty Twerking Twists

Ingredients: Club stomping bass, bubbly arpeggiations, and triplet Trap hats. Dynamic blends of Hip-Hop and Electronic genres for maximum exercise fuel, pregame inspiration or late night euphoria.




bb049BB049 Brazilian Berry Swirls
Ingredients: Street festival percussion, smooth Latin grooves, and rowdy synth and guitar elements. Brazilian fusions with Hip-Hop, Rock, and EDM.





bb050BB050 Sugar-Free Beats 9

Ingredients: Corner hugging Classic Rock, bottle popping Urban Dance and Carnival Street party Brazilian Fusion. Raw rhythm tracks, perfect for promos, commercials and anything that needs a

groove without the clutter.



These albums aren’t the only treats you can take a bite out of! Sample everything Beat Bites currently has to offer here:  Beat Bites


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