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Beat Bites, our catalog of “urban ear candy” from producer Christian Salyer, has entered the Trailer Music game with the series “Movie Munchies” (BB033 Movie Munchies:Rock CinemaBB034 Movie Munchies:Urban Cinema). Christian took a few minutes to share the inspiration for this move, and to talk about the latest release.

Megatrax: Beat Bites has started creating music with more of a trailer feel in the Movie Munchies series. Can you tell us a little bit about what inspired this move?

Christian Salyer: Actually, it was something I had planned since I first laid out the idea for the catalog.

I always loved doing these types of tracks… the half-contemporary-half-score hybrids. I have done them a lot for video game scores, and I am excited to bring that sound to the Beat Bites catalog.

MX: How does crafting trailer-style music differ from the things you’ve done through Beat Bites in the past?

CS: I think the main difference is that we get to bring more emotion to it. A lot of the other styles of music in Beat Bites are simply to make your body move. We plan on continuing to do that, but have also started developing many more cinematic hybrid projects for the future.

MX:  Are there any tracks on this new release (BB034 Movie Munchies: Urban Cinema) that you’re especially excited about?

CS: I love all the tracks but some of the standouts for me would be BB034_1 Fire Water, because I am part Cherokee and Blackfoot Indian, so it was cool to hear a track that pulled off the hip-hop/Native American hybrid without sounding corny. BB034_2 Red Scorpion has an awesome building tension and does a great job of providing a sense of post-apocalyptic urgency. BB034_15 Waltz of The Dubsteppa for pulling off that classical bouncy string waltz on top of a pulsing 4/4 intergalactic dubstep beat.

 MX: Are there any films or franchises that contributed to your inspiration?

CS: I would have to say some of the superhero blockbusters and a few urban post-apocalyptic films were definitely an inspiration. I would like to see our work in trailers for anything inspired by comic books or video game franchises… I am somewhat of a NERD at heart :) Ha ha

MX: What’s coming up next from you & Beat Bites?

CS: We’re working on three really cool urban electronica volumes featuring downtempo, moombahton, E.D.M. and trap, from traditional to hybrid styles.

Check out the new Movie Munchies release at today!

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