Our Best Summer Blockbuster Picks

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We thought it would be fun to ask our crew what their favorite summer blockbusters of all time are and what they’re looking forward to seeing this year. After you’re done learning more about us, check out the action we have going on in our stellar Summer Blockbuster playlist. Enjoy!


Sean Smith, Division Manager Film and Television

Guardians 2 was bomb, but the Empire Strikes Back trumps all blockbusters.”











Lelah Simon, Publishing Assistant

“It was one of my favorite movies as a little kid, and made me want to be an archaeologist”












Leo Salazar, Office Assistant/Sales LATAM

“It brings me back to the times my dad and I would spend most of the summer at the movies with ICEE’s and popcorn. YUMMMMM!”












Bryan Rush, Manager – Client Services

“I went to see it at Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood on the first night…. Actually it was the next morning, because the earliest showing I could get was 2 a.m. My friends and I showed up at 9 p.m. just to be sure we got in, and the lines were around the entire block.  I remember standing there, seeing hundreds of people in line in front of me, then a whole crowd of people let out of the theater and walked around the block to their cars. As they passed by everyone in line, they were cheering and yelling and sooooo thrilled about the movie… and their excitement got everyone in line to be super excited. It was contagious!   We saw this happen three  times as we waited for our turn to see the movie and the buzz in the air never died down.


When we finally got in to see the movie, it was a HUGE success!  We all cheered with the movie … every moment that was designed to get a reaction from the crowd got a TREMENDOUS roar from us… everyone LOVED it!  And when it was over, we all left the theater and walked past the lines of people waiting to get in.  It was our turn to yell and cheer, and we did!   We were super excited and our excitement spread to those people in line at 4 a.m. – and they were all super excited for their turn! -A truly unforgettable experience!”












Christine Hersh, Manager – Business Affairs

“It was highly entertaining and hello? Pirates!”












Arlisha Anderson, Associate Division Manager Broadcast

“I’m a sucker for anything Johnny Depp, especially as Jack Sparrow, so of course I will see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. And I love good comedy, so next on my list are Rough Night & Snatched!”












Chris Stevens, Division Manager Imaging Radio












Leisa Korn, VP of Business Affairs/Global Relations

“I saw it at an industry screening. There were agents standing together all commiserating because they had turned down the script and couldn’t believe how it turned out. Going into hyperspace was a dream come true.”












Ken Townsend, IT/Data Manager

“My favorite past summer blockbuster would be Jurassic Park. I’m excited to see War For the Planet of the Apes this summer.”












Steven Naugle, CFO

“Who wouldn’t want a lasso of truth, bracelets that deflect bullets, an awesome sword and an invisible airplane…- Right?”












Ileana Landon, Senior Division Manager Radio U.S. and Latin America

“I thought it was done so well and Sigourney Weaver was spectacular in the film. I am a big fan of James Cameron’s work.


After Aliens came out, I worked on the publicity for a few James Cameron films. Later in the late ‘80s and ‘90s, I worked on the PR campaigns for some of Arnold Schwarzenegger films, including Terminator and Terminator 2, as well as True Lies – also James Cameron films. So, Aliens holds a special place in my Summer Blockbuster movies list.”


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