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megatrax zest deep east musicMost production music catalogs try to be everything for everybody; they include all styles of music from pop/rock to orchestral to electronic, while covering every possible mood ranging from poignant to suspenseful to  triumphant. Of course, by including every possible style and failing to focus and specialize, these catalogs run the risk of being undifferentiated in the marketplace.

It is a rare thing indeed for a production music catalog to come along with a defined focus, a specific purpose and a signature sound. ZEST, the newest offering from our U.K. partners at Deep East Music, is one of those rare exceptions. Billed as “The Brightest Music On Earth”, ZEST features 100% happy, fun, catchy, upbeat music-  no drama, no sadness, no tension, no filler. This is truly a brilliant concept and the first of its kind in our industry.

Launching with six albums ranging from “Swinging Big Band” to “Globe Trotting” (world tour)  to “Zestmas” (Christmas),  ZEST is sure to be a huge hit for promos and commercials.  The wonderfully original artwork and videos, created by London agency Entwurf, perfectly capture the brand’s light-hearted, fresh & fun identity.

I applaud our brilliantly creative partners at Deep East Music for creating this truly unique catalog concept, and apologize in advance if any of these hooky, hum-a-long melodies get caught in your head!

If you can’t see it above, be sure to check out the delightful ZEST promo video here, and of course the wonderful music here.

Add a little ZEST to brighten your day!

Ron Mendelsohn
March 25, 2014

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