Celebrate May’s Everest Anniversaries with Megatrax!

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May 2013 is a momentous month for Mount Everest. On the first, Jim Whittaker marked the 50th anniversary of his successful ascent, making him the first American to summit the mountain. On the 23rd, Gary Guller will celebrate the 10th anniversary of his successful ascent, making him the first person with one arm to summit the mountain. And on the 29th we’ll be celebrating the first ever successful ascent by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay.

Whether you’re working on a project about summiting Everest, or just working on a project that feels like it, Megatrax has you covered. Here are a few tracks to check out for your next summit attempt:

Everest, INX017_7: Nostalgic, Romantic, Sweet and Calm

Mountain Top, DEM007_9: Determined melodies build and converge

Top of the Mountain, MX195_19: Swaying, evocative groove w/ echoing guitars

Reach the Summit, TS033_5: Confident, spirited rock w/ soaring guitar lead, piano & drums

Eiger Summit, MX119_1: Tense building thriller, Helicopter FX at 1:07

For more ideas, visit Megatrax.com and try our “Find it for Me” button. And if you need some inspiration while looking uphill at your next project, look for the upcoming “Make Others Greater,” from our SVP of Sales, Phil Macko, and Everest pioneer Gary Guller!

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