Christian Salyer Expands Beat Bites with Sonic Drops

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beat bites sonic dropsIt was only a matter of time before composer and Beat Bites creator, Christian Salyer, took his catalog into the world of sound design. Starting with a dark and dramatic first release, Salyer, gives us details on what to expect from this new series.


Megatrax: What made Beat Bites want to do a sound design album?

Christian Salyer: Well for us it was a natural addition. In the custom music arena the team and I have done a lot of work on video games, including the sound effects. So expanding the catalog’s offerings with a Sound Design series feels right. Especially since we are always looking for new things we can do to make our catalog unique.


MX: How does it fit into the broader offering of Beat Bites?

CS: I think it helps the catalog become a bit more flexible. We got great feedback from some trailer releases we did, so doing sound design elements is a great way to add value for those clients.


MX: Are there any notable contributors you’d like to mention on this album?

CS: This Sonic Drops project was done by Trevor Lewallen, and he has also been doing video game sound design work with us for over seven years now. We like that he is really excited about bringing something fresh and unique to the table that also fits what we are known for, which is producing music that is on the cutting edge of rock, pop, urban and electronic genres.


MX: Are there any unusual or special things we should listen for?

CS: I think what makes a lot of it special is how heavily influenced it is by what is going on with sound manipulation in EDM and blending that with a classic cinematic feel.

I also like how we have a main sound and then give a bunch of variations of the elements used to make that sound. It makes it much more flexible for radio clients that might only want a cool glitched sweeping riser but don’t want the big impact sound at the end.


MX: Will this for sure be a series?

CS: Absolutely… we got some great things already planned for the whole Sonic Drops series. We will be trying to put out at least one a year.


You can listen to (BB046) Sonic Drops right here. For more information on what other outside-the-box sounds Beat Bites has created, visit the Beat Bites catalog page now!

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