Christian Salyer Gives a Sweet Lesson on Beat Bites’ Latest Creation

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beat bites logo from christian salyerIf you’ve been following our Beat Bites catalog for any length of time, then you’ve noticed a theme of sweet sounding titles for the albums as well as some of the tracks. Megatrax caught up with Beat Bites creator, Christian Salyer, on exactly why his sweet tooth emerges during each new release –  including the latest, Tropical House Smoothies (BB051) and Cherry Charged Complextro (BB052).


Megatrax: For those that don’t know, what’s the story behind the candy-themed titles that you use in the Beat Bites catalog?


Christian Salyer: I think it came about because we focus on modern styles of music. The inside industry joke is “what’s the flavor of the month now.” We thought it would be fun to play off that and name our albums things that relate to candy flavors. Our very first album was Assorted Flavors (BB001) to launch that concept and the brand.

MX: What interesting fact can you tell us regarding these two albums?


CS: Both of these albums feature composers that ghost write for some of EDMs biggest names. In fact, these projects got held back because the composers had to finish up records for these popular artists before they were able to complete their compositions for us.


MX:  Is there anything that the audience should pay attention to when listening?


tropical house smoothies

CS: The fact that the music on these projects sound like original chart-topping EDM and Pop records. We don’t copy records. Instead, we focus on making things cherry charged complextrothat are original and try to create music that those artists might come out with on their next albums.


MX:  Bonus question: Do you have a favorite track off of either album and if so, why?


CS:  That is tough… I would say “Tropical Inspirations” on Tropical House Smoothies (BB051). It just makes me feel good and reminds me of some of the great beaches and islands I have visited.



Need more Beat Bites sweetness? Sample the entire confectionery here: Beat Bites

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