Comedy Goes Prime Time with Modern Comedy 2

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megatrax modern comedy 2Modern Comedy 2 
(MX313) is a fresh collection of “fun, funky, rockin’, swingin’, spoofalicious comedy cuts for prime time promotion and advertising.” Geared toward network promos, this sequel to our popular Modern Comedy (MX267) features a fresh group of scenesetters, parodies, Halloween tracks, hip-hop comedy, spy themes, 70s funk, and more. Executive producer Ron Mendelsohn offered us a glimpse behind the scenes of this new release.

MEGATRAX: What is the process of creating an album like Modern Comedy 2?

RON MENDELSOHN: As always, our first priority is client requests. Most of the tracks on this album were produced as a result of client requests. We also look at recent sitcom promos and commercials to see what styles are trending.

Megatrax is well known for producing great comedy material. Even our very first album had an abundance of comedy tracks, scenesetters, spoofs and parodies. Comedy for us is not cartoon music; we aim to produce material that is hip, quirky, fun and irreverent—material that is fresh & useful for today’s promos, commercials and programming.

MX: Modern Comedy features a number composers who’ve made significant contributions to the Megatrax catalogs. Are any of them back for Modern Comedy 2?

RM: Yes. Many of our core Megatrax writers have contributed to Modern Comedy 2, and the album also features several new writers on the hip-hop comedy tracks.

MX: How do you select composers for a themed release like this one? Are there certain people you just associate with comedy?

RM: First we look at the assignments and then determine which composers would be the right fit for each assignment. It is a creative process, similar to casting a movie.

MX: What are some of the tracks on the new release that really stand out for you, and why?

RM: I really like the hip-hop comedy tracks since they are unique and perfect for several current network sitcoms. There are also several great parody tracks, including spy spoofs, Halloween themes and even 70s porn music!

MX: Are there a lot of live or unusual instruments on Modern Comedy 2?

RM: There are plenty of live instruments, including live drums, clarinet and all sorts of guitars from rockabilly to ska to 70s funk.

MX: Will Modern Comedy 2 be broken up into themed sub-sections like Modern Comedy?

RM: The tracks are organized into the following categories:

  • Fun, Funky & Rockin’
  • Jazzy, Swingin’ & Cool
  • Scenesetters, Spoofs & Parodies
  • Halloween Fun
  • Hip-Hop Comedy

MX: Did you compose any of the tracks on Modern Comedy 2?

RM: I composed “The Big Bamboozle,” a big band retro swing track, and “Weird Neighbors,” a campy Halloween romp.

Modern Comedy 2 is available on now. If you love it, check out Modern Comedy 1 (MX267), Comedy Styles Vol. 6 (MX152), Comedy Styles Vol. 5 (MX057), Comedy Styles Vol. 4 (MX054) and Comedy Styles Vol. 3 (MX028).

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