Composer Combines Hard-Hitting Sports and Regal Orchestra

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Jonathan StillReady? Set? Press play on Track Distillery’s latest album, Sports Orchestral Drama (TD130)! Percussion, strings, and horns are the key elements for composer Jonathan Still’s sounds on these action-centric tracks. Megatrax talks with Still about how he started working with Track Distillery, what influenced the creative process of this album, and more.


Megatrax: How did you start working with Track Distillery?

Jonathan Still: When I was discussing options with Derek early on, he’d mentioned the relatively new Megatrax library called Track Distillery and it’s unique structuring of the tracks. I got my start writing and producing music for commercials, so having a hard :60 to write fit easily into my experience. I also knew that limiting the tracks within a cue was going to be challenging in its own right, so it wasn’t just “oh, this is easy, I’ll just throw these things here!”  And once I started on the first two albums, it became clear that I would like Track Distillery’s format. Nine albums later, I’m still a fan.


MX: Did you draw from any musical influences to make this album?

JS: So I watch A LOT of football. Ever since I was a kid, I have. And I’d always watched “Inside the NFL,” with their iconic music with huge pounding percussion, quick short strings, and soaring brass melodies. And I’ve written quite a few of these types of tracks over the years with lots of placements, so it’s something I’m very comfortable doing, and one of the few styles that stuck with me going back to childhood.


MX: What do you think makes this album stand apart from other sports albums?

track distillery sports orchestral drama

JS: I think the tracks are unique because due to the format, the track’s most powerful parts are only what’s included. When someone is looking for a specific sound of energetic strings and regal brass lines, supported by either rock drumming, hip-hop beats, or cinematic drums, it’s all right there and not muddied by any other superfluous sounds. It’s just pure, succinct power.


MX: Do you have a favorite track on this album?

JS: After going back and listening through them all again, it was clear as day to me which one was my favorite: “Sprinting to the Top.” I tend to really love the overly dramatic, intense, and soaring orchestral tracks that have that slow, wrinkle your nose, slow drum groove, complete with head bobbing. It’s just so me.


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