Congratulations to our Deep East Music promotion winner!

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dem promotion winnerCongratulations are in order for Brian Markowski, OnMedia Producer in Cedar Rapids, IA, for winning big in our Deep East Music launch promotion! Brian will be receiving a cash prize after taking the time to check out Deep East Music at and submitting his contest entry. Keep your eyes out for more promotions from Megatrax, and check out what Brian had to say about how he uses our music!

Megatrax Production Music: How long have you been using Megatrax? 
Brian Markowski: I honestly can’t remember, for years now, but I do remember it was our first transition from CDs to internet files. It seems like a small change now, but I remember at the time it was a pretty big thing. I could access genres, collections, tracks and then download all within minutes without leaving my desk. No lost or scratched CDs; plus it gave me more time, and more time meant more options.

MX: What are the primary ways you use Megatrax?
BM: Usually I’m just looking for a single track at a time, and I like finding it by browsing the volumes, but my favorite feature is creating a “project” for multiple audio files. Sometimes a client wants those multiple options, or I may even want to try several different types of music for a piece. I just name my project, select my choices, and then download. The software does the rest. It’s a great time saver for those high-maintenance situations.

MX: What’s important to you when using production music?
BM: Music is emotion. It creates the mood. Sometimes the mood is passive, and I want music with just one or two instruments to rest in the background.  Sometimes it’s active, and I build the product around the score. Often I’ll find the music first, a track with personality, before I even write the copy. So in the end, I guess what I want is “choice,” and I think Megatrax offers that…rock, country, soft, hard, or  eccentric (I like the eccentric/weird stuff the most, but sadly I’m forced to rely on the more passive cuts). Either way, I never have a difficult time finding what I want, fast.

MX: What did you think of the new Deep East catalog
BM: I really like it so far, and it looks to be a good mix. There are some really great tracks there that have tremendous potential– just listening to them I was getting ideas.

MX: What are your plans for the big prize? 
BM: I’d love to get away, it’s so tempting, but I’d love to buy a Canon DLSR more.

Have you checked out Deep East Music yet? Here’s a teaster video featuring some of their tracks, and you can CLICK HERE to sample the catalog!

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