Content Will Always be King

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photo by stevie gill
photo by stevie gill

My managers and I had the pleasure of meeting together in the charming city of Nashville this past week. In addition to warm southern hospitality and incredible music, the trip offered further evidence of the evolution to digital delivery and its effects on the world of music – and broadcast.

From the songwriter who now receives royalties from new broadcast models such Pandora and Spotify, to the radio station now played on TuneIn. From the local news channel now broadcast on Aereo to the original programming now delivered on Yahoo! channels and Netflix. From all perspectives, the advent of digital delivery has forever changed the landscape.

What will never change is that content will remain king. In fact, in this all-you-can-eat buffet of choice that consumers now have in how they watch and listen, it has never been more important than it is today that content be of the highest originality, quality and creativity.

If you are faced with a wall of competition and find your content swimming in a vast sea of alternative choices, please let us know. You are our valued partner, and we have tools, products and options you may not be taking full advantage of that can help your content shine. From our new catalogs (Sound Adventures, Tonal Injections) to our soon-to-be-released indie UK catalog; from our knowledgeable Division Manager team to our remarkable music supervision staff; from our expert Business Affairs team to our creative wizards at Aircast Music – we are here to help you stand out in a sea of choices!

– Phil Macko, SVP of Sales for Megatrax

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