Curator’s Club Picked Up Speed in 2016

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megatrax aircast curators clubAircast Custom Music has been busy this year with clients who are eligible for Curator’s Club benefits which include custom scoring.

For those uninformed, in short, this unique benefit creates up to 12 custom tracks per quarter for clients who meet certain eligibility requirements at little to no cost to them. They can be anywhere between :30 and 2:00 of any style or genre they may need.

This year, we’ve created a wide variety – from a news theme to a corporate employee conference theme to a promo for a well known international network to a cue within a network show among many more.

As they are all still within an exclusivity period, I can’t provide links, but will be happy to discuss and send you some examples if you are interested.

While some types of productions are not included in this (score to picture, themes, logos or re-records), we can create anything including these exclusions, but at a significant discount if it falls outside the criteria. Why? This material generally has a short shelf life for the client, and is incorporated into the Megatrax music library. Some similar examples have gone into the “You Asked For It” series, which is now on its 7th volume in the Megatrax library.

If production and budgets are being planned for next year, please keep this in mind and contact your sales rep if interested.

– Randy Hart, CSD Aircast Music

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