Deep East Music Passes the 100-Release Mark!

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Deep East Music Passes the 100-Release Mark!Congratulations to Deep East Music, our authentic U.K. Catalog from London producers Alex Marchant and Ciaran McNeaney! They’ve recently passed the 100-release milestone, and they’re celebrating with a Best Of compilation that pools together staff and client “favourite” tracks from the UK and the world over. Read on for the skinny on the Best Of and their other new releases for early 2014, all of which are available now at…

Deep East Music Passes the 100-Release Mark!DEM100 ‘Best Of’
Deep East Music is 100.

After some fisty-cuffs at DEM HQ these are our fave 99 tracks from our first 100 albums. Here’s to our 2nd century beginning! (We don’t expect to be hearing from the Queen!)



Deep East Music Passes the 100-Release Mark!DEM101 PopStep
Universal hyper-modern pop hits for neck-hair stadium tours (w/ full vocals & instrumentals).

The crossover pop sound that the chart-loving teens who also sweat the weekend away in EDM clubs have been on the lookout for.

Full super-hooky male & female vocals emote about lost teenage love, scream about taking things to the extreme & hype the kids of the “noughties.” Pop hooks, EDM thunder-beats, dubstep-bass drops & emotive vocals. Boundary-pushing bangers; all you need.

Deep East Music Passes the 100-Release Mark!DEM102 Spellbound
Merry magic & intriguing enchantments led by the ‘Open Fires Orchestra.’ Beautiful contrasts & builds @ 1min points.

London’s 7triple7 studios, & composer Saul Richards particularly, have been outputting filmic beauty at a startling rate recently. Their short-film work has received multiple festival nominations, & their recent work for the British National Theatre is gaining glowing national press plaudits. Saul returns to Deep East on Spellbound with pianist Matthew Watson (from Stephen Fretwell’s band) joining in the sprinkling of fairy dust. String quartets, pianos, drums & magical elements deliver warmth for winter, fantastical, emotive & quirky pieces. A bit Christmassy here & there but applicable for anything requiring heart-felt, fantastical wonder all year round!

Deep East Music Passes the 100-Release Mark!DEM103 Engage Rage
Massive & menacing modern cinematic hybrids.

Where cinematic ominous orchestra chemically reacts & combusts with the beats, sand-blasted guitars & electronics of one of London’s most revered underground post-dubstep producers.

Walls of future-sound build opposite huge orchestral sweeps. One-inch punch beats thump & disappear, leaving much dramatic space whilst adding dramatic intensity too.

Deep East Music Passes the 100-Release Mark!DEM104 Sky-Scaling Alt-Indie
Vulnerable + emotive, yet, bright + brilliant.

“Grips & unifies instantly” was the comment from a UK Promo creative upon first listen… such a spot-on phrase for this whole album that we stole it for use in the description of track 1! Sky-Scaling Alt-Indie was recorded at an unbelievably awesome new studio in a (very) old chateau just outside of Montpellier in southern France. The acoustics & natural reverbs we got, especially for those soaring wordless vocals, were so mind-blowing we’ve already decided to go back for our next vocal alt-indie project next year.

It’s dynamic & always-rising & awesomely-life-affirming & epic. But also soft & tender & from the heart. Enjoy with a rolling tear!

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