director of production wendie colter on megatrax’s 20th anniversary

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Producer Wendie ColterTen years ago, I started my career in production music library.  Though I’d been in music for many years as a composer and performer, I was new to this side of the industry, and the broad scope and history of the production library business took me by surprise.  I felt as if a curtain had been pulled back and I was able to see, and hear, something I’d never been fully aware of before.  I was excited to find a perfect fit for myself in a unique and creative side of the entertainment industry.

That experience of finding “the perfect fit” is a cornerstone of the Megatrax brand, and what we strive for in all of our music productions.  It’s also at the heart of the service that we provide – finding the perfect musical fit that will take the client’s project and message to the next level. Our clients are discerning listeners, many of them musicians as well, and all sincere music appreciators.  It’s a truly rewarding experience to know we’ve achieved that perfect fit for them!

For 20 years, Megatrax has made the music its top priority, and the commitment to quality shows in every aspect of production.  I’m very proud to be a part of this long and excellent tradition.  Congratulations to Ron Mendelsohn and JC Dwyer – and here’s to another 20 years!

Wendie Colter

Director of Production

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