Electro Party Pops 2: A Tricky Mix of Club-Ready EDM

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Electro Party Pops 2: A Tricky Mix of Club-Ready EDMGet ready for BB044 Electro Party Pops 2. This tricky mix is tailor-made for everyday unusual stories, riddles to be solved and clear answers to foggy questions.

When ravers gotta rave, these authentic EDM tracks will bring the flavor of today’s hottest clubs to any project. We talked to executive producer Christian Salyer about the follow-up to the original Electro Party Pops, and he gave us a peek at the inspiration and what keeps it real.

Megatrax: What inspired you to add to the Electro Party Pops series now?

Christian Salyer: We just signed a bunch of new electronic dance producers and had to get them on a project right away. It was also time to add to that genre to keep up with some of the new sounds that came out since its release.

MX: What is Electro Party Pops?

CS: Authentic, energetic and fun electronic dance music. Music you would hear on Top 40 Radio or playing every weekend in your local dance club.

We have 10 different producers on this release. From the hot new young guys who are just now building their careers to a few seasoned ones who have record credits with artists like Madonna, Seal, Kelly Rowland, Fantasia and Paul Oakenfold.

MX: What can you tell us about the recording & the recording process?

CS: We really stayed true to mainstream radio on this release, but one track that has an extra sense of zany is track 04, titled “Rubber Ducky.” It would be great for a kids’ promo where you would want to have things going a little bit crazy.

(The album) was recorded all over. The great thing about electronic dance producers is they all have their own studios. This is one of those genres where “all in the box” is a good thing—where it is more about the skill of the composer to manipulate and mangle new sounds using synthesis and filters.

MX: How do you keep it authentic?

CS: It comes from using real electronic dance composers and not film composers trying to mimic dance music. That is really what we try to stay true to at Beat Bites. This release is no different in those regards. Find guys who produce those kind of records for artists and getting them to do tracks for our catalog.

MX: What makes the Electro Party Pops series stand out in the Beat Bites catalog?

CS: I would say just the pure amount of high energy and the focus on happy and fun. We have a lot of hot and amazing things in the catalog, but this one has a more pronounced sense of “Happy” in the tracks.

Electro Party Pops 2 is available at Megatrax.com now. If you love it, check out Electro Party Pops 1!

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