Epic. Dark. Modern. Heavy: Mitch Marlow Produces Two New Releases for Megatrax with A Serious Rock Pedigree

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mitch marlow filterMitch Marlow might be known for his time with Filter or He Is Legend, but with the release of two new Megatrax releases, (MX298) Top Charts 4: Epic Dark Rock and (MX299) Top Charts 5: Modern Heavy Rock, he joins the ranks of our pedigreed producers. Writing, mixing and engineering most of the cues on these albums, Mitch (along with Megatrax CCO & Executive Producer of these albums, JC Dwyer) took the lead with an incredibly talented group of artists from Fuel, Filter, Smile Empty Soul, Bleeding Through, Orgy, Domenica, Godhead and more.

Says Mitch, “We wanted it to sound like a legit rock record. Still geared lyrically towards licensing while keeping it genuine and authentic sounding from real artists who have been in real bands.  We wanted to avoid sounding like someone listening to rock songs and trying to knock them off.

megatrax epic dark rock“I played in Filter and co-wrote two records with them, as well as other artists like In This Moment, Upon A Burning Body, and A Skylit Drive. Brett Scallions and I co-wrote one song for this record.  Brett plays guitar and sings in the band Fuel, which is a multi-platinum rock band that just released a new record this year produced by Eddie Wohl, who also co-wrote and produced two of the tracks on this record. Eddie also produced the bands Anthrax, Ill Nino, and Dimmu Borgi.  The other track for this that he produced was with Sean Danielson, the singer and guitarist from the band Smile Empty Soul.

megatrax modern heavy rock“Kit Walters and I wrote two of the tracks together.  He has worked with artists such as A Skylit Drive, Wendy Starland, Letlive, and Alesana. Benny Steele worked on one track called ‘Bloodsuckers.’ His credits include Jason Derulo, Justin Bieber, and David Guetta among many others.”

Looking for a place to start when listening? Mitch says: “I really love ‘Children of the Earth’ and ‘Bloodsuckers.’ I just love the openness to them and the epic melodies.”

Both albums, featuring radio-ready rock with full vocals, are available now at Megatrax.com.

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