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movingpictureshowLos Angeles-based trio Moving Picture Show is making a name for themselves with regular airplay on KROQ and a song available for download for Rockband. Megatrax recognized Moving Picture Show’s talent early on and grabbed their song “McGirl” for our Marquee Music Rock Vox CD (MQ002). We shot five questions to Scott “Manley” Manley, the drummer for the group, and he shot back with a little bit of the band’s history, the story behind “McGirl,” and more.

Megatrax:  Can you tell us a little about each of the members of the band and how you all came together?

Manley: Matt – Vocals/Guitar; Jer – Bass Programming; Manley – Drums/Percussion

Well Matt and Jer had already known each other and had been playing a little while before I met them a little over 2 years ago.  I had seen them play live and was won over as a fan so when I saw a posting online that they were looking for a drummer I jumped at the chance to audition.

At the time we recorded “McGirl” for the Megatrax CD, we had a keyboardist/vocalist who is no longer with us so we’ve been playing just as a trio for a little more than a year.

Megatrax: If you had to describe your sound how would you?

Manley: Our sound is definitely rock but it’s got a quirky twist.  It’s danceable, intelligent and has a lot “get up and go” energy.  You can dance to it but it’s not “dance rock”.  Among our influences are Peter Gabriel, Fugazi, Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead, Talking Heads and the Police and I would say that if you’re listening you can hear the common thread in them all that we tap into.

Megatrax: Tell us about your song on Megatrax’s Marquee Music Rock Vox CD, “McGirl.”

Moving Picture Show 's song, McGirl, is featured on MQ002.
Marquee Rock Vox 002

Manley: It’s basically about a lot of the girls we’ve seen skulking around Hollywood ever since we’ve lived here. They hold court on the dance floor at clubs or parties and they’ve got a crowd of guys around them.  It’s easy to judge them since most of them seem to have taken their cues from the Paris Hilton fashion playbook but the song plays with the idea of falling under their spell all the same.

Megatrax: What would be your dream placement?

Manley: T.V. – Dexter is my favorite show, so that would be great.  True Blood or, dare I say it, Gossip Girl would be cool since the audiences for these shows notice the music in a scene or an end credit and they rally around it if they like it. We are up for some more MTV placements so that would be cool too since the Real World credits the bands at the end so people at least know it was us playing on there.

Movie – If David Lynch, Christopher Nolan or Darren Aronofsky wanted to use anything, I would be ecstatic!

Megatrax: So what’s next for Moving Picture Show?

Manley: We try to be as visible as possible but every day it seems like there are new social networking sites that pop up and email us to start band pages.  We live on Facebook, still check Myspace and sometimes Twitter about big events for us – not if we’re making pancakes or in line at the post office.  We have been doing a lot of playing out of town and we just came off a tour of the West Coast but we will be in town at Spaceland on September 27th and we have our CD release show on October 28th at The Viper Room.  Also, we now have a song available on Rockband.

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