Frankel Keeps Track Distillery Current with New Urban Music

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When composer Ty Frankel reached out a year ago to Megatrax’s chief sound engineer, Derek Jones, he had no idea it would lead him to writing ten albums with our newest catalog, Track Distillery. The latest albums that Frankel has worked on include a truly fresh urban feel that fits well into the Megatrax library. Frankel took some time out of his schedule to tell us more about the hot new albums that are lighting the 100% stems library on fire.


Megatrax: How did you get involved with Track Distillery?

Ty Frankel: I got involved with Track Distillery from reaching out to Derek Jones. I first talked to Derek in a little music forum you might’ve heard of called GearSlutz. I was blessed to discover this forum around the same time I started composing music for picture. Derek posts regularly and is one of the most helpful guys on there. After reaching out to Derek personally in July of 2015 and shortly after I started composing for Track Distillery.


MX: You did two urban albums for this release – where did the inspiration for these albums come from?

TF: The inspiration for these albums came from what I listen to on a daily basis. I listen to a lot of current mainstream hip-hop artists like Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, Kevin Gates, T.I., and others. I also listen to EDM artists like Deadmau5, KSHMR, Baauer, Calvin Harris, and David Guetta. When composing, I draw elements from what I listen to (sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously). I think most musicians do. These albums definitely take a little (or big) something from current mainstream hip-hop and EDM.


MX: What makes these albums different from past albums that have been released for Track Distillery?

TF: These albums are a lot different from the previous albums I’ve personally made for Track Distillery. It’s been over a year since I started composing for TD, so I feel like I’ve gotten quite a bit better in my composing, arranging, and mixing. It sounds different (and better, I hope) on those fronts.


MX: Is there anything in particular that listeners should be paying attention to?

TF: On the new albums, I feel like I created a vibe more than anything else. I tried to keep it simple, yet include some intricacies to an extent. You’ll FEEL these tracks. You won’t need to pay close attention to ride the vibe. Don’t be surprised if you start involuntarily nodding your head while listening!


MX: How would you describe your time working with Megatrax?

TF: It’s been an amazing experience working with Megatrax. I recently had a chance to come out to North Hollywood and check out the headquarters. It was a great time meeting the crew and checking out the insanely big studios I had heard so much about. It was like music heaven. I have other albums with Track Distillery coming soon. I hope to keep developing, working, and putting out great music with Megatrax!


You can vibe with Frankel’s beats and the rest of the library’s new releases here: Track Distillery.

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