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Megatrax, one of the world’s leading production music libraries, launched an explosive four CD library, Tonal Injection, last year. This added over 330 unique, new tracks to its existing 41,000 tracks and increased its growing collection to nine libraries.

Created by industry veteran, Robert Etoll of Megatrax’s successful series The Trailer Collection, the new Tonal Injection library includes a diverse array of hot new tracks in genres including: Sound Design, Percussion & Escalations, Horror & Thriller as well as Action & Adventure. Having scored over 300 trailers and TV spots, from 30 second to 2 ½ minute trailers, teaser trailers, and more, Etoll applied his wide range of experience into this library to make something unique and user friendly for industry professionals.

“One of the biggest challenges is to accommodate the editors, music supervisors and producers with that special something, “ said Etoll. “There is plenty of stock trailer/production music out there. For Tonal Injection, I have continued to push the envelope with innovative ideas and sound elements, “ he added.

The four featured Tonal Injection CD’s include:

TI001 Sound Design – A huge variety of over 135 tracks in every accentuation, including Big Trailer Hits, Cavern Hits, Intense Swooshes and Classic Drones. ti001

TI002 Percussion & Escalations – Fast, mid and no-tempo percussion cues and bumpers create energy, yet leave room for dialogue. Escalations, in both subtle and extreme formats, build up the energy for a dynamic climax.



TI003 Horror & Thriller – A hair-raising fright-fest of horror and suspense cues for every intense scene, including Ominous/Haunting, Dark Rock and Non-Tonal Scary Elements.


TI004 Action & Adventure – Extreme, pulse pounding hybrid-orchestral action, plus epic orchestral adventure and magical fantasy cues and setups. ti004

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