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We launched Zest, a unique catalog from our U.K. partners at Deep East Music, in April of this year with six upbeat titles. Billed as “The Brightest Music On Earth”, Zest features 100% happy, fun, catchy music- no drama, no sadness, no tension, no filler. In August, we’re excited to be able to add six new offerings from Zest, each guaranteed to put a bounce in your step and a smile on your face!

megatrax production music zestZEST007 Ariba!
Playful Latino; feel-good times for fun-lovers in the South Americas.
Infectious, light & bright, Ariba! takes on rhythms, classic melodic hooks & vibes of just some of South America’s well-known styles (of which there are so many!).

There’s bossa nova & sambas, mixed into modern Latino beach party dance floor beats, quirky & twee fun ditties, sensual sway-alongs, amazing acoustic flair & luxurious clear-water yachting sophistication. Ariba chegou!!

megatrax production music zestZEST008 Funny Ha Ha!
Comedy classics from orchestra & band. Hoopla humour, farcical funnies, droll dramedy & even a touch of villainous vaudeville.
A real mish-mashy-melting pot that takes in all comedy’s four corners, Funny Ha Ha! is wonky-weird-wacky- wonderfulness… romping & elegant bright orchestral splendour… classy but cheeky pizzicato & woodwind fisty-cuffs… beautiful violin oddities…. even a hillbilly hootenanny (to know what that even is, just check track 8!).

If a little knowing tickle is all you’re after, it’s here. If it’s super-silly belly laughs, there’s that, too. And if it is something in between, we’re sure you’ll find it! (If you don’t, then we’ve really slipped on a banana skin & we do sincerely apologize.)

megatrax production music zestZEST009 Happy-Hearted Folk
Accessible acoustics, whistlings, handclaps & knee-slaps… But with heartfelt & human warm-not-cold-snaps!
In the UK they’re lucky to have a tradition of communal acoustic get-togethers – campfires, woodland walks, rural ramblings, alehouse evenings – and they more-oft-than-not end in a musical knees-up where everyone gets involved. Many of these folk-playing bright young things have gravitated to London & its outskirts where a great live scene thrives.


Zest has brought these players & writers together for this album & we think it’s simply lovely. Exuberant, bright & inclusive songwriting jumps out at you as if you are right there, enjoying the head-noddy happiness with them. Sometimes its hard to be this warm-hearted & sound so content without crossing the border into the Republic of Cheesecorn, but this never ever does… the live, true-intent & absolute authenticity of the guys & the album don’t allow it.

megatrax production music zestZEST010 Oddly Dramusing
Light, bright Dramedy from unusual orchestra; mysterious goings-on, cheeky retorts & hints of familial disaster (next door, not here!)
Oddities & unusualness are the name of game here, but checking out the album, the ears swiftly understand that there’s no ‘niche’ here at all…

Oddly Dramusing is insanely hooky & extraordinarily useable for all sorts of applications. It is certainly dramatic, but in such a wry & knowing way that there’s a comedic flutter each time the pizzicatos change direction or the whole orchestra bursts through the faux-tension like an elephant arriving late to the party, in a dress.

Beautiful bright strings, askew woodwinds & other elegant elements give a fresh sense of approach to scenes & stories that at first seem normal & everyday…. until we discover the quirky drama that lies beneath.

megatrax production music zestZEST011 Summer Huggin’
Sky-reaching, sun-grabbing, breeze-feeling acoustic uplifters.
Lets all extend a warm welcome into the Zest family to Chad Fletcher – a young gentlemanly composer with sunshine in his heart, & that heart on his sleeve.

Unbelievable, considering his youthful numbers, Chad has, for quite some time now, been writing bright emotive acoustic ditties that have helped many of the world’s biggest brands sell happiness via their burgers, family SUVs, smart phones & even nappies. (OK, diapers!)

For his first Zest project, Chad & his familial band of simple melody miners planned the writing process in line with the seasons – beginning the album as spring sprung and wrapping it up as summer snuck in afterward. But it really is for any time of year as long as there’s a need for warm, bright, live & hooky hand-holdy happiness that can bring people together.

Our fave is track 6. “Spirited to Cali” initially sways gently with wordless female vocals & guitar, then expands with folksy kick drums & big ‘Hey Oh’ male vox – lovely stuff… & the final few seconds leave you feeling that all is well with the world!

megatrax production music zestZEST012 Super Soda Pop
Happy & hair-gel’d fun-stuff for tweens, teens & youths-in-the-know.
Maintaining a strict diet of bubblegum breakfasts, candy-lace lunches, soda-pop suppers & between-meals cheeto-snacks … alongside an exercise regime of regular running around aimlessly, always-off-balance-never-quite-falling trampolining & jumping on the spot shouting ‘Bananas,’ was essential training for the Zest composers brought together for this project.

It really is actually a pretty darn cool-edged album; for kids who know their modern musicality better than mum & dad…. happy thumpy hip hop, pretty-boy pop dance, wacky wide-grin grooves & super-bright beat bouncers.

Check out all of these ZESTY releases at today!

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