Getting to Know Megatrax Music Director Dan Cross

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dan cross music director megatraxMegatrax has two full-time music directors on staff, Belinda Robles and Dan Cross, whose job is to help clients quickly find the perfect track. We sat down with Dan Cross to find out more about him and about what he can do for YOU.

Megatrax:  How did you get into music direction?

Dan Cross: For as long as I can remember, I always took notice of the music, especially songs, featured in movies and TV shows. Having the opportunity to be a part of that process has been extremely fun.

MX: And what are some of the things you do in your role as Music Director for Megatrax?

DC: We assist our clients in a variety of ways. Common lines of communication such as phone and email are prevalent but we also use a Live Person chat on our web site. Clients can log in and get real-time help from us while sitting at their workstations, etc.

We also create playlists that clients can find on our site. For example, the Winter Olympics are currently underway so we have a playlist specifically geared towards that event. We also do playlists for holidays and other assorted concepts.

MX: What are some of the most common requests you get from Megatrax clients?

DC: The most common request is for songs that are in the style of hit songs or artists. (MX: See our Hot Trendz playlist for recent answers to these requests!)

MX: What was one of the stranger things someone was looking for?

DC: One request I remember was for Slovanian rap… That was interesting.

MX: When you’re not at work, what kind of music do you listen to?

DC: I was raised on hard rock and heavy metal so that’s usually what I gravitate towards.

Want to get to know Dan better? Look for him and our other full-time music director, Belinda Robles, via the Live Chat button at the top of!

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