Guides to the Dark Alleys and Scary By-ways of Current Music

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road music shutterstockAnswering the question, “How can I keep up with the latest developments in the world of music?,” is not easy. However, from time to time, this site will publish sources for information on life in the music fast lane.  Please know that this is very much a personal journey. Some web sites will appeal to your particular needs, preferred music styles and commitment to personal hygiene and some will not. Some of the sites are obvious (Rollling Stone), some are less so (Pop Eater).  And I have given a brief phrase of brilliant summary under each link. So, here we go…

…The go-to touchstone of pop culture and music news

…Top-forty oriented news about music and the business of music

…The youth vote…blah, blah, blah

…As pop as you can get without exploding.

…Solid hip hop news.

…Inside hip hop news.

…Best new music on the cutting edge.

…Best new music from Hollywood’s overhyped, blood-shot eyes.

…A suck -up to U2

…NPR’s venerable one-hour weekly show of music trends

…NPR’s look at Latino music. Always solid.

…NPR’s look at classical music.

…NPR’s look at world music. Nice.

…Justin Bieber Fan Site (I knew you would want to know).

…Dance music so you can strut your stuff.

…Top-40 pablum.

…South x Southwest overload

…All ‘Merican Country, all the time

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    • Joe

      Thanks Jeremy, I realize that I did not do metal justice in my list. Thanks for making the list a bit more balanced. If you have any other sites that you go to, please let me know. -Joe

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