HyperLOCAL 5 & 6: Covering El Nino, High Speed Chases and Hard Hitting Investigations

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HL collage

HyperLOCAL is back with HL005 and HL006 – not one, but two new power-driven albums featuring hard-hitting promo beds to back up the lightest and heaviest of stories. Specifically created for news promos, this catalog was born from a need communicated by producers, news directors and creative service directors. We talked with producer Randy Hart about what these new releases add to HyperLOCAL catalog and the factors that contribute to its success.

Megatrax: Do you time the release schedule for HyperLOCAL to Sweeps?
Randy Hart: No. Many markets are fighting the numbers fight on a daily basis, so regardless of when a release comes out they are generally either in a sweeps period or prepping for one. So they can be used as soon as they get them.

MX: What do these two new releases add to the catalog that it was missing before?
RH: While these are extensions of the previous releases, there are some cuts that have pushed the envelope a little further for their intended uses. This is something some people had asked for.

MX: What kind of feedback have you gotten from the folks who use it?

RH: They love it! They appreciate the fact that the titles will suggest a particular usage, in addition to the way the pieces sound and are formatted.

MX: If you had to choose tracks from these new releases to use with coverage of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, what would they be?
RH: No comment.

MX: Are there any special touches we should listen for?
RH: Yes, but you’ll have to listen to hear them.
HyperLOCAL volumes HL005 and HL006 are available at Megatrax.com right now. Make sure to check out the rest of the HyperLOCAL albums while you’re there!

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