Introducing A New Series: Percussion For Commercials

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If you like drum solos, you will love Percussion For Commercials (MX406)! From electro drums and bongos to tribal rhythms and claps, this purely percussion centric album features two of the top drummers in the industry – Gregg Bissonette and Joey Peters. Megatrax CEO and producer, Ron Mendelsohn, shares more about the style of the album.


Megatrax: Where did the inspiration for this album come from?

Ron Mendelsohn: Our music directors noticed that percussion beds are used increasingly in commercials, and we were starting to get more and more client requests for this. While we have done many percussion albums in the library, most of them are geared toward trailers. This is the first one geared towards commercials.


MX: What styles of music are included on the album?


RM: Percussion For Commercials (MX406) features a remarkable variety of tracks ranging from tribal drums to hip-hop, drumline to moombahton, motivational sports beds to quirky grooves. There are a few wild jazz drum solos thrown in for good measure as well.


MX: Tell us about the notable drummers used on this album.


RM: Master percussionist, Joey Peters, produced and recorded the album. We were lucky to get famed drummer Gregg Bissonnette to record a few wild drum solos to round out the album.


MX: Can you list all of the percussive instruments used on these tracks?


RM: There is a mind-boggling array of percussion sounds featured on the album, including drum sets, hand drums, electro drums, ethnic percussion, claps, toms, sticks, snaps, bells, bongos, whistles, and more. Plus, several tracks include vocal fx, horns and synth colors to add some variety to the palette.


MX: Do you have a favorite track on this album?


RM: There are so many great and varied tracks on this album. One of my favorites is “Nothing But Net”. This is a sports-oriented cue, which features basketball sounds, sneaker screeches, whistles and air horn blasts.


MX: Are there plans to make this album a series and add more albums in the future?


RM: If this album turns out to be a hit, then we will certainly do more. It was a lot of fun to produce, and perhaps the first of its kind.


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