Keeping it “Cool” with Cool Commercials 7 & 8

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cool commercialsMX318 Cool Commercials 7 
and MX319 Cool Commercials 8
 are full of eclectic, contemporary beds and grooves for branding and advertising. Adding 31 new tracks total to the Cool Commercials series, these robust gems from executive producer Ron Mendelsohn are the answer to your commercial, retail, corporate or motivational prayers. Ron gave us a peek behind the scenes on the newest members of the Cool Commercials family and broke down how they stand out from the crowd.

Megatrax: Was there any special inspiration behind these new releases?

Ron Mendelsohn: The COOL COMMERCIALS series is one of our most popular series. We follow music trends on TV and web commercials and always strive to feature the latest sounds and styles. The series is so popular that we decided to release a double album this time!

MX: Where did you record them, and who’s on board for this round?

RM: Live overdubs including piano, violin and cello were recorded in our studios. These albums feature a number of top Megatrax composers including Daniel Belardinelli, Nathan Padgett, Ed King and Joey Peters. Several of the writers on these albums have scored many national spots.

cool commercialsMX: What element do you feel these new releases add to the Cool Commercials series?

RM: We always strive to keep the series fresh and relevant. Many commercials these days are lightly scored with just a few sounds. We aimed to achieve this kind of “less is more” simplicity on this 2-album set.

MX: How would you describe the tone of the two albums?

RM: Most commercial spots are upbeat and positive so this would describe the mood of most of the tracks. However we also included a few great quirky/whimsical tracks and inspiring corporate/motivational tracks as these sounds are always in demand. The categories on each album are different. Cool Commercials 7 features Upbeat/Positive and Quirky/Whimsical tracks. Cool Commercials 8 features Simple/Happy and Corporate/Inspirational tracks, plus a few Percussion/Drama tracks.

MX: Do the Cool Commercials have much in common with your recent retail and comedy releases?

RM: Cool Commercials is similar to our other commercial series, Positively Retail, only to the extent that they both serve the same target market. On Cool Commercials we allow ourselves to include a much broader range of styles including quirky and inspirational tracks, whereas on Positively Retail we focus almost exclusively on positive/upbeat tracks. The Cool Commercials series is more eclectic, quirky and unpredictable.

Check out MX318 Cool Commercials 7
 and MX319 Cool Commercials 8 on today, and if you love them, try MX291 Inspiration and our Positively Retail series as well as DEM128 Hey! Let’s Glow and DEM044 iPop.

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