Licensing Notes from Leisa Korn for 7-16-2012: Rudeness Edition

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photo by ubertoAs we experience the dog days of summer and finally begin to accept the effects of global warming, it seems that heat and humidity are taking their toll on our tempers. Several years ago I decided I wanted to know why the sky is blue and how clouds were formed so I studied weather and climate. One of the more interesting facts I discovered was that wind was once used as a defense against insanity. So I’m assuming that long stretches of heat can have a similar psychological effect and it takes the form of extreme rudeness. We see this every day in the mundane passing of our lives when people cut us off on the road, talk loudly on their cell phones in restaurants or text during movies. But last week I was shocked when I actually witnessed a hit and run on my way home from work. Car one clipped the front of car two and then sped off like nothing happened. Car two took off after car one along with several other cars to try and catch the guy. I sat paralyzed and realized I was not in the kind of neighborhood where a woman alone should participate in the heroics to catch the guy, so I went about my business. I think karma caught up to me later that evening when after sitting in a long grocery line a new aisle opened up and all the people behind me clamored over and left me, who was rightfully next, to wait for a price check that took an eternity and stopped my line for what seemed like hours.

Rudeness and a general lack of manners are avoidable. Yet, it seems lately that it is increasing in every aspect of our lives. Life doesn’t have to be this way…really. Pay it forward. Let the guy trying to move into your lane go ahead of you…what difference does one car length make? Let the person with two items go in front of you when your cart is full. Say please and thank you whenever possible. Stop texting while driving for goodness sake. Park a couple rows farther from the door and get some exercise rather than cutting off someone who was patiently waiting for a parking space. And since this is on the Megatrax blog site, please obtain the proper licenses for the music you are using. Don’t let the summer sun bring out the worst in you, allow it to make you a shining example of the good in all of us…the cool breezes of Autumn are just around the corner. Thank you!

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