Meet Megatrax’s Latin Music Superhero, Byron Brizuela

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With its 18th release, Alternativo Y Urbano (SN018) is sure to be another smash for Sensación and all would not be possible without the production expertise of composer/producer Byron Brizuela. Brizuela has become the superhero of authentic Latin music for Megatrax, answering the call time and time again to ensure the quality of our catalog, Sensación. Get to know Byron Brizuela and our latest Sensación  release.


Megatrax: How did you get your start in music?


Byron Brizuela: I started as a DJ spinning records at middle and high school dances. That eventually led to clubs, raves, and large events.  During college, I fell in love with the art of record production and decided to pursue it as a career.  I’ve been very blessed. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the best talent in the world.  In the process, I’ve created a body of work that has left its mark on the industry.



MX: What is your relationship like with Megatrax?


BB: I believe I have a great relationship with Megatrax. Ron and JC are amazing people to work with. They have great vision and are always willing to produce amazing music.  As a composer/producer, my role is to bring them the best of my world, which is Latin music.  I write mostly for Sensación , their Latin music catalog, which is one of the most complete and diverse in the market.  I also produce radio jingles and write custom music for the trailer division.  We won an award at Promax in New York for our Mega 101 radio jingle package that I composed and produced.


MX: What is the focused sound of this album?


BB: The main focus for Alternativo y Urbano is to capture today’s fresh new sound, including hybrid genres, coming from the various hot zones throughout Latin America.  This album has an edgy cool vibe with lots of Latin swagger.  From Colombia we recorded the new soulful Reggaeton sound via “Mala.” We also included modern Puerto Rican Reggaeton pieces like “Latin Swagger.” From Mexico, we captured some Rock infused Cumbers “Furia Latina,” as well as the alternative female sound found in “No Lo Digas”.  Out of the States we recorded electronic dance Mexico “Amenasa Urbana” and “La Nueva Frontera,” a new mixture of urban and traditional Mexican music like Banda and Nortek Trap.


MX: Are there any notable contributors you’d like to mention on this album?


BB: We were blessed to have some great talent on this record. On drums we had Walfredo Reyes Jr. (Santana, Chicago) record some stellar stuff.  Up and coming artists Adrian Brizz and Paola Serna recorded vocals on the album.  Artist/Producer Lord Zuela rocked some of our urban beats. Finally, the incomparable Enrique Carbajal was on accordion, bass, and keys. We had award-winning songwriter, Cecilia Brizuela co-write many of the songs as well.


MX: Is there anything in particular that stands out in this album that the audience can listen for?


BB: Listen for all the great musical fusion. On many songs we mixed contemporary styles with traditional instruments.  Check out “Amenasa Urbana” and “La Nueva Frontera” which mix Trap with Banda and Norteño. Check out “Amor Mexicano” and “Wild Tijuana Nights,” a great cornucopia of Latin styles with a modern twist.


MX: Do you have a favorite track on the album?


BB: I have several! “No Lo Digas,” “Tus Labios,” “Supercoo,l” “Furia Latina,” “Amenasa Urbana,” and “La Nueva Frontera.”


MX: What are some current projects that you’re working on for the future?


BB: We are always working on something cool.  Stay tuned!


Don’t stop the Sensación  party here! Give the rest of the catalog a listen right now:ón

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