Megatrax Brings Rock Music Back to the ‘80s

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eddie-wohlBig hair, bold eye shadow, and an unapologetic affinity for leather and jean combinations may have been left in the rock scene of the ‘80s, but the music lives on. Composer/songwriter Eddie Wohl is the creator behind the new Megatrax album, 80s Rock Explosion (MX348). Wohl took some time out of his schedule to talk with us about how his love of 80’s Rock contributed to this latest release.

Megatrax:  How did you get involved in the making of 80’s Explosion Rock?

Eddie Wohl: I was asked to do seven tracks for the ‘80s Explosion record by JC and Derek Jones. They know I really love ‘80s music because of the quality of the songwriting and production.


MX:  What did you contribute to the newest album?

EW:  I co-wrote six tracks with my friend Daniel Braunstein, and I wrote one track on my own. I really enjoyed working with various vocalists on the record, especially Robbie Wykoff. He brought a great style to the record.


mx348MX: How does this album differ from projects you’ve worked on for Megatrax in the past?


EW: In the past I had composed a bunch of Hybrid Rock, Hipster Rock and Classic Rock tracks for Megatrax. I really enjoyed writing authentic style ‘80s tracks and producing and mixing them true to the decade. Megatrax offered me great opinions during the whole process and it really was a lot of fun!


MX: Is there a track that you would admit is your favorite?

EW: I really love all the tracks. I think they could have been singles!  I especially love “Come On Come On”. I really loved a track called “Ready Aim Fire” that started out on this album and is now on ‘80s Pop Explosion (MX347) instead because as true as it is to the ‘80s era, it’s still very current sounding for pop.


MX: One thing about musicians is they’re constantly working. Are there any current projects that you can tell us about that you’re working on?

EW: I am currently working on multiple news promos for NBC, and I’ve been composing a new trailer record for A-List Music that I’m really excited about!


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