Megatrax captures the “Abbey Road Sound” on the London Orchestral Series

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Megatrax London Orchestral Abbey Road

Megatrax is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of three albums of premium orchestral music recorded at famed Abbey Road Studios in London: The London Orchestral Series. Featuring 70-piece orchestra and full choir, these world-class recordings set a new industry standard for premium quality production music. Sweeping inspirational themes, soaring majestic fanfares, family-friendly adventure cues, magical/quirky/whimsical themes and more can be found in this extraordinary collection of contemporary cinematic styles.

Peter Bateman London Orchestral
Peter Bateman

The project was composed, orchestrated and conducted by Peter Bateman whose film credits include The Hunger Games franchise, The Purge franchise and Avengers: Age of Ultron, as well as video games including the Bioshock franchise, and Warner Bros. flagship Middle Earth and Batman franchises.

The London Orchestral Series includes Family Adventure (MX342), Orchestral Inspiration (MX343) and Gothic Fantasy (MX344). Recorded at Abbey Road Studio 1 in London, all three albums were produced by Megatrax Executive Producers Ron Mendelsohn and JC Dwyer, mixed by Megatrax’s Chief Engineer Derek Jones, and mastered by Robert Vosgien at Capitol Mastering.

Says composer Peter Bateman: “When we started planning this project I said to Megatrax that producing it in London would give it an unmistakable ‘signature sound,’ as can be heard when you start listening to many of the iconic soundtracks recorded there over the last 40 years or so. What we also discovered during the mix was that introducing any of the original demo orchestra (as is customary when recording ‘sweetening’ orchestras) was like nuking a prime filet mignon steak with ketchup, so I’m proud to say that everything you hear was played live, and I think that on its own sets it apart from a lot of other library albums on the market.”

Mix engineer Derek Jones adds: “Every acoustic space has a unique signature sound that can never be duplicated anywhere else. Some spaces are much more noticeable than others, and because of the huge list of very well known projects that were recorded in Abbey Road Studio 1, the ‘sound’ of the room becomes familiar and recognizable even to an untrained/novice listener. Because of that, the sound of the studio contributes immeasurably to the finished product. We would never be able to get something that sounds like this at any other studio.”

The London Orchestral Series will be released August 15, 2016. For an exclusive preview, please visit

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