megatrax celebrates 20 years of production music, custom scoring, technical innovation, and more!

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megatrax_BWMegatrax Music, one of the world’s leading production music companies, celebrates in 2011 its 20th anniversary of providing the highest quality music to some of the top productions in the entertainment industry. The company will be making a splash in public all year with events and appearances at conferences and trade shows to mark the milestone.

Kicking off in April with an anniversary-themed appearance at the

Megatrax CEO & Co-Founder Ron Mendelsohn
Megatrax CEO & Co-Founder Ron Mendelsohn

National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas, and continuing with appearances at conferences nationally and sponsored client lunches featuring artists from the company’s Marquee Music label, Megatrax is eager to celebrate their longevity with old friends while inviting new ones into the fold for the next 20 years.

Says CEO and co-founder Ron Mendelsohn: “JC and I would like to personally thank all our clients who have used

our music in so many great productions over the last 20 years. Your success is our success! As an independent company run by composers, we will strive to continue to set the standard for the industry in terms of both music quality and customer service.”

Founded in 1991, Megatrax is independently owned and has been serving the media and entertainment industries for 20 years with the finest in production music libraries from the brightest talent in the music industry. Working with award-winning artists, composers, and producers, the company has expanded beyond its original flagship Megatrax library to a total of nine premium music catalogs including Beat Bites, Intervox, LA Riot, Sensacion, The Scene, and Tonal Injection, plus their indie artist Marquee Music label.

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Megatrax CEO & Co-Founder, John “JC” Dwyer

In addition to their music catalogs, the company now offers a host of additional services including custom scoring and broadcast news/ID packages through their Aircast division. Megatrax has always striven to be a leader in technological advancement, most recently leading the charge with their unequalled music search and hard drive music delivery systems.


Originally established by composers JC Dwyer and Ron Mendelsohn in a proverbial “garage” adjacent to ABC Studios in Los Angeles, Megatrax is currently based in North Hollywood and maintains a 14,000 square foot facility housing multiple recording studios, edit rooms and offices. Its staff has grown to include 38 full- and part-time employees and a growing network of composers, producers and artists.

Among the notables who have contributed to Megatrax’s body of music in the last 20 years are:

  • Acclaimed Film/TV composer Chris Hajian
  • Emmy-nominated Film/TV composer Donn Wilkerson
  • Emmy-nominated Film/TV composer Craig Stuart Garfinkle
  • Emmy Award-winning Film/TV composer Danny Pelfrey
  • Grammy Award-winning composer and arranger Jorge Calandrelli
  • Trailer Music veteran producer Robert Etoll
  • Veteran urban/hip-hop producer Christian Salyer

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