Megatrax CEO Makes Your Requests into More Albums

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You asked for it, you got it! The latest albums of client requests are here in the form of You Asked For It! 7 (MX363) and You Asked For It! 8 (MX364). Started several years ago, this coveted series is still going strong with no plans to stop any time soon. CEO of Megatrax, Ron Mendelsohn, breaks down exactly how client requests factor into this album series.


megatrax ceo ron mendelsohnMegatrax: For those that don’t know, can you explain exactly what “You Asked For It: Client Requests” is?


Ron Mendelsohn: YAFI [You Asked For It] has been an ongoing series for several years. This series consists entirely of client requests that we have had over the past several months.


MX: These newest albums are centered around comedy. Is this genre the most requested?


RM: While it is true that there are many comedy/novelty styles on these albums, this series is by no means limited to comedy. On the latest YAFI albums, there are tracks ranging from news beds to wedding music to well-known songs to guitar stingers. There are even classical and drama tracks on these albums.


MX:  What are some other highly requested tracks or genres that you get?


RM: We have had a lot of requests for solo instruments (such as wedding harp and circus calliope), TV sitcom styles, and various types of links and stings ranging from flamenco guitar stingers to violin FX to 8-bit videogame arcade music.


MX:  Is there any genre that you’re excited to do more tracks for?


RM: The great thing about this series is that you never know what to expect. We have had string quartets, ringtones, classical music with barking dogs, kids singing spooky nursery rhymes and ethnic music. Every album is completely different!


MX:  What were your favorite tracks on these albums?


RM: I love the circus music, the goofy TV sitcom styles, and the wedding music that was recorded in our studios with a live harpist. Plus the arrangement of Colonel Bogey March (featuring a live band) is a blast!


MX: Are there any plans to do more YAFI albums?


RM: Absolutely! We do these albums at least once a year after we have accumulated enough material from client requests and custom projects.


Curious about other music our clients ask for? Check out each album in the “YAFI” series now!




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