Megatrax Director of Production Wendie Colter hits NAB & Digital LA’s Post-ASCAP Event!

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NAB Show 2014NAB “Pro Audio Pit” Interview, “Production Music and the Reality of TV” – Monday 4/16/12

I had a lively and fun 20 minute, one-on-one interview at NAB’s “Pro Audio Pit” with Tom Kenny, Editor-in-Chief of Mix Magazine.  There was a nice stage and seating area at one end of the crowded (and noisy!) NAB convention floor, and an interested and appreciative audience.

We discussed the needs of our clients from both the creative and technical standpoint, notable changes in the production music industry, current trends and various production challenges.  I showcased the Sound Adventures with a great music montage, as well as highlighting what sets Megatrax apart from the competition.

Tom was a terrific host and we had a great audience!  Tom promised to have me back next year, which I’m very much looking forward to!

Digital L.A. Industry and Artist Panel – Saturday 4/21/12

This was held at the swanky W Hotel on Hollywood Blvd. in the patio courtyard.  Because it was a Saturday at the conclusion of the ASCAP conference, Digital L.A. host Kevin Winston decided to position the panel as a “round table” discussion with all of the participants.  There were several people from various areas in the industry (event booking, artist support, digital marketing, software creation, etc.) and the rest were artists at various points in their careers.

The main topics of discussion were how artists are able to take advantage of the varied digital options in bringing awareness to their music, and how things have changed and are changing from the industry perspective in our areas of expertise.  It was a spirited discussion with a lot of laughs, and a great networking opportunity for all.

– Wendie Colter

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