Megatrax Gets Back in Touch with Inner Retro Soul

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It took a village to create the new album from the Megatrax library that’s sure to have everyone talking, Retro Soul (MX353). International co-writers and vocalists were brought into this project to deliver the magic that can not only be heard, but also felt. Executive Producer, Hannah King, talks about the particular talent needed to record an album as great as this.


Megatrax: Retro Soul is a very unique genre. What facilitated the need for an album like this?

Hannah King: I think the beauty of retro soul is that whilst it is specific, it is very timeless.  Modern pop productions are always taking a lot of influences from this genre, so I believe there’s always going to be a need for it.  I also think that it has got a great energy and passion that just works really well to picture.  You can also be quite out there and larger than life with the subject matter, which works well for its potential usage.


MX: There are several different artists on this project. Who are they and how did they get involved?

HK: There are two key writers plus several co-writers and guest vocalists on the project.  All of them are fantastically talented songwriters.  Andy Powell is a young singer/ songwriter from the UK who has a real gift for songwriting.  He brought several excellent vocalists and co-writers on board with him.  These include a great pop writer by the name of Linda Roan from Scandinavia, whom he has written with for years; Tara Chinn, a real talent, was perfect for the project and sounds like she has been plucked from the ‘60s with her voice; and Hayley Trower who has a really quirky and unique voice providing some real variety to the sound.

John Ross was the other writer that was key to the project.  John is a really experienced, versatile writer who bought some great vocalists and co-writers to the project such as Lucinda Bell, a really talented jazz / crossover artist -Andrew Kingslow, an amazingly talented composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, also came on board for one track, as he brings a really in-depth understanding of the genre.  He’s part of the James Hunter Six (Daptone Records) and has worked and played with everyone from Mr. Scruff, Cody Chestnut, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Nick Kershaw, ABC, and Beverley Knight, with several appearances at the Montreal and North Sea Jazz Festivals.


MX: What should listeners pay close attention to?

HK: I would hope that listeners get infected with the great songwriting and hooks!


MX: Do you have a favorite track on this album?

Usually my favorite track changes a lot!  I would have to say “Bad News,” as I like its cheekiness and energy.  I also love “Puppet On A String” for its strong songwriting and brilliant vocals.


Head over to the album now to hear the tracks that are sure to soothe your soul: Retro Soul.


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