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megatrax bwAs Megatrax celebrates 20 years of independence in the production music industry this year, they want to make sure the world knows about the products and services that make them special. Did you know, for example…

  • That Megatrax has an entire library of movie-trailer-ideal tracks from legendary producer Robert Etoll called Tonal Injection? You can check it out HERE.
  • That Megatrax offers custom scoring through its Aircast Production division? Check them out HERE.
  • That Megatrax has more than one library of youthful, high-energy tracks featuring rock, hip-hop, and more? Listen to LA Riot HERE and Beat Bites HERE.
  • That Megatrax has innovative ways for radio & TV stations to trade ad inventory for production music through their TV and Radio Barter programs? Click HERE to learn more about TV Barter.
  • That Megatrax has a full label’s worth of tracks by independent musicians and singer/songwriters called Marquee Music? Click HERE to check it out.

Whatever your production music and custom scoring needs are, Megatrax should have something perfect for you.

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