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social mediaMegatrax has jumped on the social media bandwagon, and we’d love to connect with you there. In addition to this blog, through which we’re able to share an inside look at the folks we work with and the things we do, we’re also updating our Facebook page and Twitter feed daily, and many of us have thrown ourselves into the LinkedIn community. We’d love to have you “like” our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, and connect with us on LinkedIn. Here’s where you can find us:fbicon


You can “like” Megatrax on Facebook HERE, and start getting updates from us in your news feed. Check out our page for links to our latest blog posts, news from the music and broadcast industries, photos and updates from conferences and events, and more.

You can follow us on Twitter at and get daily tweets from us and a stream of news about the music and broadcast industries, live tweets from conferences and events, and news as it breaks from Megatrax!


Connect with the folks you know at Megatrax on LinkedIn HERE. We’re joining groups and answering questions, and we’re excited to be sharing our expertise about production music and custom scoring, our many catalogs and our Marquee Music label, and helping television and radio stations craft their identities and manage their advertising inventory through music.

Thanks to Matt Hamm for the illustration!

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