Megatrax Pays it Forward at the Student Television Network Convention

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stn logoIt’s already time for the annual Student Television Network Convention, and this year Megatrax is the proud Music Sponsor. Nancy Held Loucas, Program Director for Student Television Network, says: “STN strives to teach real world skills, and an understanding of music copyright is one of them.  We are so pleased to have Megatrax as a sponsor of the STN 2013 Convention to aid our students in producing pieces with rights cleared, professional music.”

Students and teachers will have cart-blanche access to all content at during the convention. The students participate in a variety of film-run type contests and will be able to use our music to help their productions. Whether they need a polka, punk rock tune or cinematic dubstep, Megatrax will provide that for them. Chad Huffman, Director of Megatrax’s Broadcast Division for Television, will be on the ground at the Westin Bonaventure in Downtown Los Angeles this March 7-10, and he took a moment to fill us in on what inspired Megatrax to get involved and what we’ll be doing there. 

Megatrax: Tell us about STN and why you personally are excited that Megatrax is going to be supporting them.

Chad Huffman: I heard about STN (Student Television Network) at NAB last year. One of our clients is a member in the organization and suggested we check it out. It’s basically a collection of (mostly) high schools that operate their own student run television networks. The instructors at the schools use the organization as a sounding board about industry trends, techniques, etc. and the students involved are pressed to really utilize their talents in creating the best possible productions they can. The work these students produce is (at least in my opinion) way above average and on par with some productions you see coming out of small to mid market TV stations.

I am very excited that we are supporting the organization as the students and teachers will have access to industry-level music, an exposure that they may not otherwise have until joining the workforce. It will definitely be great to see how the students creatively use our music in their productions.

MX: What kind of presence will Megatrax have at the conference?

CH: I will be attending the first couple of days of the conference and hope to meet some of the instructors and sit in on some of their info sessions to see what topics are concerning to them. Otherwise we will be providing special access to our website, demos and info about Megatrax in the convention handout bags. Of course, prior to the conference I would love to talk with any attendees and they are welcome to email or call with questions they may have about Megatrax.

MX: Were you involved with something like the video contest when you were a student?gulekk : 123RF Stock Photo

CH: Oh, heck yes! I can’t remember how I got involved, but as a high school student, the Fort Worth Star Telegram had a student-run newspaper that went out with the regular edition. Staff members at the Star Telegram mentored students and I was lucky enough to be paired up with one of my favorite newspaper writers of all time, Malcolm Mayhew. Malcolm was like the Lester Bangs of Fort Worth – knew all the bands, wrote all the music stories and in general was the antithesis (at least in my mind) to the stodgy beat reporters the other kids got paired up with. Above all, he was an amazing writer and working with him helped me land my first pro job in journalism a few years later as a music writer for the Denton Record-Chronicle. It’s these type of programs that can really chart a young person’s interests and possible career paths. In some strange roundabout way, having the opportunity to get involved with the Star Telegram and learn from Malcolm must’ve led to my gig here at Megatrax.

MX: Have you gotten to be involved with any other initiatives that made you feel good about giving back


during your time at Megatrax?

CH: One of the things I love best about Megatrax is that the company is truly a people-first organization and Ron and JC lead by example. Along with the rest of the management staff, they are always looking for ways to give back and hopefully better people’s lives. Right now we are doing a promotion where a portion of every needledrop sale is returned to the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation to help keep music in schools. It’s those little things that really add up. This is not just some big corporation out for themselves – it’s clear to me that when we do what’s right by our society, even in the small ways we can, our company does just fine.

Learn more about Student Television Network and the upcoming convention at

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