Megatrax Sizzles Under the Tropical Sun

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Since Platinum-selling Latin music producer, Byron Brizuela, joined the production team at Megatrax, he has produced fifteen Sensación albums. Find out how Brizuela cooked up Tropical Club (SN019) in the exclusive interview below.

 MX: For those that don’t know, how did you get involved with Megatrax?

BB: I was introduced to the company in 2003 by Debora Grobman a sales and marketing rep. She called and said Megatrax was looking for a Latin music specialist because they were launching their Latin library, Sensación.  They listened to my reel and I made the cut. I produced their first three releases – Latin Club, Latin Street and Mexico. My latest release is Tropical Club (SN019) which marks my twelfth release with Sensación and fifteenth with the company.

MX: What makes ‘Tropical Club’ a different album this round of releases?

BB: We have mixed up the Latin tropical sound with club music’s sizzling beats.  The idea was to fuse tropical Latin genres like salsa, merengue, and bachata with electronic dance music.  The result is pure “fuego” and hence the name Tropical Club (SN019). Check out Semana Santa En Cancun (Spring Break in Cancun), El Rave De La CDMX (Mexico City Rave), El Electro Cha Cha De Isabel (Isabel’s Electro Cha Cha), Puerto Plata, Zumba Habanera, and  Disco Caribeño (Caribbean Disco).

MX: Is there anything you did that was out of the ordinary when recording/producing this album?

BB: One of the cool things was the writing process. I love it when there are no boundaries and I am able to experiment.  I combined genres such as tribal house with Merengue (Puerto Plata), Disco with Cha Cha (Disco Caribeño) and pulsating Salsa montunos over crushing EDM (Zumba Habanera).  Each instrument was recorded live on every track.  Because of the fast tempos, it got tricky and difficult for the musicians – especially on the brass, bass, and percussion parts.  Check out “Disco Caribeño”, “Puerto Plata”, “El Baile Del Tequila”, “Semana Santa”, “Electro Cha Cha”.

MX: Tell us about your personal background with tropical music.

BB: I have been listening to tropical music my whole life. My parents are big fans and they introduced me to the genre. Tropical music in some form lives in the heart of most Latinos. Tropical music is played at every party. We have it playing throughout the day- our heart practically beats to the rhythm of the clave.

MX: Are there any notable contributors that helped in the making of this album?  We had a talented line-up of musicians, songwriters, and vocalists that performed and brought their magic to this album. Our three hot vocalists are Rafael Alcon, lead singer for Sonora Karnaval (Viva Su Vida, Hay Mi Margarita, La Mujer Que Yo Soñaba); recording artist Patricia Melecio (Nene Bailamos, Corazon Infiel); and Angie Marie Jimenez (Sin Ti). The musicians are legendary percussionist Wilfredo Reyes Jr., who brings his touch and experience. Adding six-string fire is Alejandro Blanco on Guitars, and Enrique Carbajal brings the groovy Latin bass sound.  Cecilia Brizuela, Enrique Carbajal and Rafael Alcon take the songwriting credit. Check out the team working their magic on Viva Su Vida (Live Your Life), Nene Bailamos (Baby Come Dance) and Hay Mi Margarita (There’s My Margarita).

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