Megatrax’s World Cup-Ready Tracks Score a GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!

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Megatrax World Cup

The World Cup is around the corner, and we’ve got the music for it! Let us score your coverage of one of the biggest international sporting events on Earth with tracks from our Sabor Brasil release (SN012) from Sensación, the new Bombastic Brazil release from Deep East Music (DEM107), or our up-tempo World Soccer Champions playlist.

126,837 tickets were allocated within four hours of the last sales phase for this year’s World Cup in Brazil, and the World Cup is the world’s most widely viewed sporting event. An estimated 715.1 million people watched the final match of the 2006 World Cup held in Germany and the 2010 event in South Africa was broadcast to 204 countries on 245 different channels. This is going to be huge. Are you ready?

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