The Men Behind Cinematic Percussion: Benoit Grey and MB Gordy

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Benoit Grey

When composing legends Benoit Grey and MB Gordy team up on a Megatrax album, you know it’s serious. The talented pair brought the third and latest percussion-

M.B. Gordy

based Megatrax series, Cinematic Percussion, to a new level. Learn more about them and this new album below.


MX: What brought you guys back to Megatrax to record this album?


BG: Our last release in this series, Cinematic Percussion 2 (MX252) from 2011, was very successful. JC had been asking us to do a follow up for a while, and we finally both had some overlapping availability on our calendars to do the next one.


MBG: We had been wanting to do this for a long time anyway. It was time.


MX: Tell us about the success of the first two albums in this series.


MBG: We had fans within the industry that really loved Cinematic Percussion 1 (MX251) and Cinematic Percussion 2 (MX252).


BG: At an event, I overheard a colleague describing how much he loved the last album, without being aware we wrote it. That was some sincere praise that was very encouraging to those of us toiling in the musical trenches, so to speak.




MX:  What is the target audience for this album?


BG: Definitely trailer clients, but our previous CP music has seen a lot of use in network promos and in-show Television. Ad agencies have also been big users of our Cinematic Percussion material in commercials, so we have produced this material to be even more useful for our advertising clients.


MBG: That’s right! I’ve been noticing a lot more commercials are using high-energy percussion-heavy cues that are mixed down so that they sound great under the dialogue or voice-overs that are happening on screen.


Megatrax: Have either of you heard something that you wrote or created musically, either in film or TV?


MBG: Yes. I think it was a George Clooney movie and I didn’t give it much thought as I was watching it, but some of the music sounded familiar and then at the end of the movie, there was my name in the credits. It has happened. The thing about it is we don’t always know where our material is going – the European market especially.


BG: Some of my music was licensed for the 2016 Olympic Games, and it was such a thrill to see my name on the cue sheet right next to my hero John Williams! I also just learned that a piece of mine was used for the Transformers 5 (The Last Knight) trailers and yet another piece was in a promo for the TV show Hand of God.


MX:  Do either of you have a favorite track off of this album?


BG: I would say, “Clockwork Sands.”


MBG: I think for me, “Tiger Strike.”


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