Michele Vice Maslin takes Girl Pop to the Next Level

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girl pop 2(MX340) Girl Pop 2 is officially here and we’re totally psyched about it! With credits that include Disney’s “The Princess Protection Program” and Nickelodeon’s “Sam and Cat,” composer/songwriter Michele Vice Maslin certainly knows her way around a good girl pop song, therefore it was a no-brainer Megatrax called on her to continue contributing to the Girl Pop series.


Megatrax: What drew you to Girl Pop?

Michele Vice Maslin: I love producing, arranging, writing music of all genres. I love switching it up and not doing the same style all the time. Commercially, this style of happy inspiring empowering themed girl pop ( Dance, Urban, Alternative, Singer Songwriter) is what I get asked for most often from music supervisors. J.C. asked me to create a sequel of an earlier Girl Pop album I created for him and Ron so that is how this came about.


MX: How did this fit into the the work you’ve done with Megatrax before?

MVM: In addition to creating the two Girl Pop albums for Megatrax I also contributed six songs to a modern country album, (MX285) Modern Country. That was wonderful! I love writing and producing country music. It’s so fun and creative to make country music. I love working with all the live musicians. Those songs had fiddle, banjo, pedal steel, dobro, mandolin on them in addition to acoustic and electric guitars, piano and live bass. I enjoyed that process very much.


MX: Are there any notable contributors you’d like to mention? 

MVM: Yes.  I want to thank my awesome writing collaborator on eight of the songs Larry Treadwell (The other five I wrote alone since there wasn’t enough time to have a co-writer). Larry also played guitar on most of the songs. The fabulous Marcus Bell for his amazing keyboard work on most of the songs! Also, many thanks to vocalists: Bekuh Boom, Mimoza Blinsson, Kathy Fisher, Bo Doran, Yvette Barlowe, Meredith Raney, Natalie Major, and Austin Powell! And the biggest shout out to my hubby Harry Maslin for his endless hours of amazing drum programming, engineering, mixing, lack of sleep and support!! My secret weapon of awesomeness he is!!!  I also want to thank Ron and J.C. for having me back. It’s so great to work with them and Megatrax. I especially want to thank J.C. for all his unending support and guidance through the process.


MX: Are there any unusual or special things we should listen for?

MVM: Well, even though a lot of them are very dance oriented, there are real instruments on them too such as real guitars and piano, not only synths. On the more singer-songwriter alt pop songs there are, in addition to guitar and piano, also autoharp, ukulele and mandolin. Also, I feel very proud of the lyrics. Even though the songs were created rather quickly I made sure the lyrics were very, very well written, fun, and clever. 


MX: Do you have a favorite track on the album? 

MVM: Wow it was such a whirlwind creating them and of course they are all my ‘babies’ so I really don’t. I love them all and am very proud of them. I can’t wait for them to be discovered and placed. The most interesting thing always is stepping back and finding out what the audience likes the best/which songs get placed the most – that kind of thing. Sometimes the ones you least expect resonate the most with others and/or seem to be more ‘useful’ for their projects.


Girl Pop 2 is available at Megatrax.com now, and make sure to check out Michele on (MX276) Girl Pop 1. Looking for more pop in this vein? Try (MX254) Pop Divas 1 , (MX255) Pop Divas 2 and (MX272) Top Charts 1: Dance Pop!


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