Music Director Helps Megatrax Get Gangsta with New Album

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Recorded straight in the heart of the Bay Area,  Latin Hip-Hop (SN020), the new album from producer and Megatrax Music Director, Belinda Robles, captures chart-topping Latin Urban grooves and classic “OG” Latin Hip-Hop grit. Read on for the inside scoop on what went into the concept and creation of the new Sensación Latin Hip-Hop album.

Megatrax: What’s your connection to this album?

Belinda Robles: Ron asked me to produce this album to give a different sound to Sensación. I ended up writing all the music for the album and getting artists for this release.

MX: Are there any notable artists you chose for this album?

BR: Reggaeton artist Dos Four from Cuba, Bay area female rapper JenRo, and Francisco Ruiz. Francisco has sung back up vocals for salsa singer Luis Enrique.

MX: What was the recording process like?

BR: I wanted to cover what is going on currently in Latin Pop Music and Hip Hop as well as have some throw back Latin Hip Hop tracks. We have tracks that cover old school Chicano gangsta Los Angeles-style hip hop and Cuban and Puerto Rican-style reggaeton with rap hooks. For the gangsta rap tracks we recorded the tracks with two-time Grammy nominated recording engineer May Perry from The Grill Recording Studios in Oakland. The Grill is know for producing Bay Area hip hop legends like Master P, E40, Mac Dre. Everyone in hip hop in the Bay records there. We finished the other tracks here at Megatrax.

MX: What other albums have you produced for Megatrax?

BR: I have produced two volumes in Track Distillery: Tech House (TD004) and Deep House (TD022).

MX: Have you played instruments on any other MX albums?

BR: I played saxophone on the track, “Spicy Sauce” from Lifestyles 3 (TS062). I played keys on the track, “Funk Around The World” from Top Charts 7 : Urban Pop And Soul (MX325). I sang on the choruses in Big Lucky Hot Jazz Orchestra 1:1920s (MX286) and Big Lucky Hot Jazz Orchestra 2:1930s (MX287). You can also hear me counting in our Megasonics catalog, as well as playing a vuvuzela in our “You Asked For It” series.


You can hear more Latin Hip-Hop in our Track Distillery series: Latino Hip-Hop (TD062) 

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