NAB Show 2014 and A Gathering of Music Guys

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NAB Show 2014

I had the opportunity to participate in a panel at the NAB Show in Las Vegas this year. The session was entitled “Great Vision – Bad Tunes: How Music Can Make or Break Your Program,” and it was composed of some wonderful composers discussing how significant a role the right music plays within an a/v presentation (commercials, films, show opens, etc.).

These folks are my both my peers as well as my competition. I was humbled by their extraordinary work. We all do basically the same thing – providing music to fulfill a client’s need.

The element of mutual respect was one that I did not expect, but it made perfect sense, and I’ve encountered it many times before. The process of making music is frequently more complex than one might imagine. From a professional’s standpoint, coming up with a soundtrack for a very specific message and mood takes time to imagine and time to bring it to life with all its nuances, shapes and colors. And then there are revisions, which require the same basic process.

Think of a simple :30 spot from initial idea through to final cut. Budgets, storyboards, graphics and animations all have sub-categories within them that have to be discussed, thought through and reconciled… and then comes music.

Despite the musical component frequently being down, or even last on the list to be addressed, good music takes time – plain and simple. And great music can take even longer. And you can tell the difference.

Though admittedly prejudiced toward the musical aspect, some of the best spots choose music first and build around that. It’s an element that is rich with emotion, and if it’s right, it can provide the perfect template from which to build on.

Regardless of where it is on the production schedule, we were all on the same page, wanting our contribution to be as good as it can possibly be to support the picture or message. It should be magical in the end result, but getting it to that point can take some time.

– Randy Hart
Creative Services Director for Aircast Music

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