National Lampoon’s, HBO And An All-Access Card To The Video Store

As a kid growing up in small-town America in the 1980s with unlimited time, cable TV, a subscription to HBO, an all-access card to the video store and a TV in my own room (gasp), I am convinced that I came of age in a truly unique, some might even say golden era for media, whose best (and worst) output still inspires today.

I may not remember exactly the first time, through my nostalgia-tinted glasses, that I saw National Lampoon’s “European Vacation,” but I do know that the energy of Plastic Bertrand’s new wave punk hit “Ca Plane Pour Moi” in the scene where my favorite movie family rushed through the Louvre had a profound effect on the way I intake both music and media. After that, it’s been an all-consuming diet of the quirky, weird and fun to try and help productions of all types cut through the boring, plain and everyday. And that’s not to say that sometimes music doesn’t need to be serious to set the right tone…after all “Knock the Cover Off the Ball” from the movie “The Natural” is amazing piece of highly-orchestrated magic. What I am saying is that music absolutely can make or break a production and it is a total pleasure getting to work with clients of all sizes to provide songs that will make their projects stand out.

Here are my top five 1980s soundtrack songs (and scenes), followed by a playlist of five of my favorite, quirky, cinematic scene-setting tracks from Megatrax.


Respond in comments with your five favorite soundtrack songs.


“Ca Plane Pour Moi” Plastic Bertrand – “European Vacation” –


“Knock the Cover Off the Ball” Randy Newman – “The Natural” –


“Love Missile F1-11” Sigue Sigue Sputnik – “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” –


“Lollipop” The Chordettes – “Stand By Me” –


“Chopsticks”  Euphemia Allen – “Big” –


Top 5 Quirky Tracks from Megatrax


-Chad Huffman, Director of Broadcast (Megatrax Production Music)

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